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Art is hope. It is the hope of understanding of things, the hope of creative confrontation with the radical life changes spurred post pandemic. Art is an escape from reality while serving as a reflection of it.


NOWA events (Nights Out With Art), is a space fashioned by Beaux Arts to be the safe haven. By creating a place where those who patron the Arts can gather, to renew, reinvigorate, and refortify themselves, sharing insights and laughter that we will once again carry out into the world, as we continue to explore the humanity. Join Beaux Arts, as we delve into these nights with authentic engagement, as we connect deeper with one another and inspire each other renewing collective hope and resiliency!



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Stedmond Pardy is a self educated, left handed poet of Caribbean Canadian Descent,

from Toronto.  He has performed his work on stages & radio in Toronto, Alberta, Montreal, & the Seattle/Washington state areas.


His first full length book of poetry “the Pleasures of this Planet aren’t enough” was Published By Mosaic press in 2021.

He has Realized an Audio book to Accompany it, & Is currently working on his 2nd Book “Beached whales".

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