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Art is hope. It is the hope of understanding of things, the hope of creative confrontation with the radical life changes spurred post pandemic. Art is an escape from reality while serving as a reflection of it.


NOWA events (Nights Out With Art), is a space fashioned by Beaux Arts to be the safe haven. By creating a place where those who patron the Arts can gather, to renew, reinvigorate, and refortify themselves, sharing insights and laughter that we will once again carry out into the world, as we continue to explore the humanity. Join Beaux Arts, as we delve into these nights with authentic engagement, as we connect deeper with one another and inspire each other renewing collective hope and resiliency!





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Kadin Vanden Heuvel is an emerging contemporary dance artist and has been dancing since the age of 6 in her hometown of Brampton, Ontario. She danced at various studios but received most of her training at Joanne Chapman School of Dance, under the direction of Joanne Chapman. Kadin has competed in numerous dance competitions in various styles throughout the province of Ontario and some eastern cities in the United States of America. Upon high school graduation, she moved out to Vancouver, BC to enroll in Simon Fraser University’s Dance program. Kadin was fortunate enough to have been given opportunities to get to learn and perform works done by local and international professional choreographers such as Chengxin Wei, KT Neihoff, Rob Kitsos, Noam Gagnon, Vanessa Goodman, and many more. Some of her own choreography was given the chance to be featured in various student choreography dance concerts and has also performed in works created by her peers as well. Upon graduating from university and attaining her BFA in 2019, Kadin has been freelancing as a performer and teaching dance to children and young adults through Vancouver and Burnaby. Recently moved back to live and work in Ontario, Kadin looks forward to connecting with the Brampton and GTA arts communities and discover new ground in a familiar place.

Featured Dates: August 18, & September 15, 2022

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