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REFLECTION: Our Roots and Our Times presented by the Colour and Form Society

April 6, 2022 - April 30, 2022
REFLECTION: Our Roots and Our Times presented by the Colour and Form Society

About the Exhibition: 

This exhibition theme links to the Colour and Form Society’s 70th Anniversary celebration in Dec. 2022.  The Colour and Form Society (CFS) is a not-for-profit group composed of accomplished visual artists based in Ontario and is an integral part of the artistic community in Canada. CFS proudly showcases artists’ work through exhibitions that demonstrate a wide variety of artistic styles and techniques. With its foundations in diversity and creative freedom, the Colour and Form Society promotes independent expression in art.

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Exhibiting Artists: Thelma Amos, Raquel Aurini, Janet Baker, Monica Burnside, Lynden Cowan, Jan Creelman, Susan Mandel Davidson, Mary Anne Dente, Betty Drebot, Mary Elizabeth Duggan, Nathalie Freniere, Martha West Gayford, Doug Geldart, Priti Girgla, Catharina Goldnau, Ronald Greig, Nadia Gurkova, Dianna Hillman, Anne Hoover, MaryLou Hurley, Holly Hutchison, Anne Jackson, Aeri Lee, Angela Lipscombe, Nancy MacNabb, Renee Makino, Vibha Malhotra, Kelly McNeil, Jane Nwakoby, Margaret Pardy, Sherry Park, Marie Prospero, Doreen Renner, Adriana Rinaldi, Stephanie Schirm, Barbara Schmidt, Lesia Shipowick, Olaf Schneider, Louise Scott-Bushell, Michael Deborah Skoff, Maria Smelters Wier, Anne Smythe, Douglas Stratford, Bob Tunnoch, Joanna Turlej, Carol Walthers, Maragaret Wasiuta, Nancy Watt, Steve Wilson, Golnaz Khadivi zand, Michael Zarowsky, Jie Zhou.

Please email the gallery directly at, with your interest to purchase any artworks.

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