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The Enjoyment with Creative Art Senior Program aims to foster safe, social engagement through the process of looking, making and talking about visual images led by experienced art professionals. Seniors from all backgrounds will have a fun­ filled opportunity to rediscover their artistic side through art making!

This program in partnership with the senior care facilities, offers older adults’ better access to safe social interactions that will challenge any stagnation in the days, offer something to look forward to, keep them connected to their communities and wrap up with something to take back to showcase in their living space! 


What EWCA program participants are saying...

"I found it fun. Normally I shy away from these types of things, but this was most enjoyable! and I had a laugh!"

- Charles

"This was a different experience. I was a rug-hooker and I used to teach for 25 years, and this was a well-run workshop!"

- Anne

Program Photobook


Program funded by the Government of Ontario

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