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Farmer's Market

Downtown Brampton

June - October 2022

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About the Event

Visit us at the downtown Brampton, Farmer's Market this summer to learn about our upcoming exhibitions and events, as well as purchase original artworks by some of our artist members.

Our Market Dates:

Sat., June 11th 2022 - Artists: Kristen Allicock and April Bhamra

Sat., July 9th 2022 - Artists: Tara Cress and Amanda Bhika

Sat., September 3rd 2022 - Artists: Philip Brink and Ryan Thompson

Sat., October 8th 2022 - Artists: Anita Pietras and April Bhamra

Brampton Farmer's Market

The Brampton Farmers' Market 2022 season takes place on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm starting June 11 until October 8, 2022. The Brampton Farmers’ Market is sponsored by Meridian and located in Gage Park and on Wellington Street West (between Main Street South and George Street South).

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