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Fri. October 18 - Sat. October 19, 2019

ARTBeat Brampton will be an inspirational art walk in the downtown core, showcasing local artists from Brampton. Each artist will be paired with a downtown business and will display their art work on the above noted date & time for the public to participate in guided tours or self-directed tour with the help of the event map.

This year’s event aims to enhance community engagement with the ARTS and ARTISTS of Brampton through the inclusion of an “art making” station and ARTS market component on the Saturday.  The idea is to activate Vivian Lane with a hands-on activity for the community as well as create a marketplace opportunity for Brampton artists/artisans to sell unique artistic items.

Kick off of ARTBeat will take place at Beaux Arts Galleries, where participants can meet volunteers/tour guides and pick up their maps and leave written comments of their experience. Beaux Arts Brampton is the lead on this community art event with committee partners, as they work to continue to create opportunities and beautify public and private spaces with art and culture.

Participating Local Businesses &  Artists

Beaux Arts Brampton

70-74 Main St. North

Brampton, ON


Dolcezza Custom Cakes

71 Main St. North

Brampton, ON


Wildcard Board Game Cafe

35 Main St. North

Brampton, ON

(905) 456-6449

Brampton Denture Clinic & Wellness Centre

13 Queen St. East

Brampton, ON


Segovia Coffee Co.

46 Main St. North 

Brampton, ON


Restyle Beauty Boutique

59 Main St North

Brampton, ON

(905) 451-8555

the Scented L'air

29 Queen St East

Brampton, ON

(905) 216-8766

A1 Fitness Studio

47 Queen Street East 

Brampton, ON

(905) 456-3184

The Wee Smoke Shop

69 Main St North

Brampton, ON

(905) 459-0152

9 queen chinese.jpeg
9 Queen Chinese

9 Queen Street East 

Brampton, ON

(905) 874-8688

Indian Curry Express

47 Queen St West 

Brampton, ON

(905) 450-4300

Culture Rising

16 Queen Street East

Brampton, ON

(905) 457-0420

Superior Shea
Butter Blends

27 Queen St East

Brampton, ON

(647) 769-9770

Custodio's Studio Inc.

53 Main St. North 

Brampton, ON


Stephan's Furs

57 Main St. North

Brampton, ON


Baci Gifts

37 Queen Street West

Brampton, ON

(905) 457-3660

Saturday Market  Vendors


Amanda Bhikha - Ravinzangel


Ravinzangel was founded by artist Amanda Bhikha in 2016 to honour and remember her brother Ravin, who passed away from suicide when she was ten year old. Amanda creates artwork inspired by her journey of living without him and all the lessons it had taught her throughout the years after. Her artwork is reproduced into wearable art clothing and accessories with the hope that those who wear them feel empowered and inspired.


Also for my booth, would it have a table? And could I use some grid walls? if not I can bring mine but just double checking. 


E. Connie Munson


The ephemeral and enduring images, whether landscapes of the heart or the land that surrounds us, are her focus.  A member of the Latow Photography Guild and Beaux Arts Gallery, along with a number of other arts organizations, E. Connie Munson’s photography has hung in several juried shows, regional art galleries, and in the O.L.A. In-Camera Dining Room at Queen’s Park.


Nina Shaw


Art is a conglomeration of media, and Nina realizes this, as she explores her artistic journey. Her artworks capture her travel experiences, nature, the Canadian landscape, the seasons and the world around her. 

Her passion for art and creativity lead her to explore different cultures, nature and the environment. Art is a basic form of communication, and Nina works with various materials, like Clay, Glass, Oils and wood, to create Visual artworks. Being a Biologist by profession, and going on to study the Media Arts, she continues to paint and take courses, to learn visual art styles and processes.

She says that: “I would like to use my art to understand nature, the environment, sustainability, conservation and for outreach and development. I would like to explore the mélange of Canadian and other Cultures.”

She continues to accept Art Commissions. Currently she is working on Mosaics and Oils. With her use of Color, and subjects that interest her, she strives for artistic excellence, and conducts workshops from time to time.

She is a member of the Beaux Art Gallery in Brampton and continues her artistic endeavours as she explores visual art forms in different cultures.


Gisele Boileau


Gisele Boileau is a visual artist who works mainly in acrylics and oils. She studied art at Sheridan College and has taken various classes over the years. She is a member of Beaux Art and has exhibited her work in various shows. 

She is excited to be part of ARTBeat Brampton and is looking forward to making new connections.


Shweta Kulkarni


Shweta is an engineering graduate from India and a SELF-TAUGHT paper-cut artist based out of Brampton. 

Back in 2014, while browsing through the Pinterest pins, she was fascinated by the suggested paper-cut pins on her timeline. 

She then bought her first Craft knife to explore the art and soon after, what started as "exploring the art" with paper-cutting (art of paper designs)turned to a devotion.  The paper-cuts she creates are highly-detailed and time-consuming tactile artworks.

She has honed her paper-cutting skills and built ‘AESTHETIC MINDS’ as a way to share her art and love for paper-cut design.

April Bhamra


head shot April B_edited.jpg

April Bhamra is a visual artist and art instructor.  She received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from York University in 2015 and has been practicing professionally since. She works mostly in acrylic paint and pen and ink. Her practice often combines the two styles by merging bold graphic lines with rich colours to capture the whimsical yet dark aura of her subjects. She is heavily inspired by a melancholic state of the internal mind and the expressions used to mask  from society.

Amanda Busby


amanda head shot.jpg

Amanda Busby is a mixed media artist located in Brampton, Ontario. She attended both Sheridan College and Humber College for art and graduated both programs with honours. Since then she has had her artwork on display at various galleries, and has participated in several artistic events around the GTA such as Art Battle. Her artwork primarily focuses on the female portrait and bright colours, but has been known to dabble in other mediums and subject matters.

Kyle Langlois


KL Profile.jpg

Kyle Langlois is a Canadian born artist.  Kyle has painted countless goalie masks, guitars, tailgates, truck fenders and motorcycle tanks.   Enjoying all types of media from airbrushing, to traditional pencil and ink drawing, digital design using Photoshop, and even sculpting and casting animal figurines.  Between custom jobs Kyle would find time to create wildlife paintings and drawings, a personal pleasure of his. In 2012 Kyle, decided to purchase a Morphsuit and use it as the canvas for his next design, the morphsuitcompany fell in love with his design and asked him to create several more, that soon became the jaw dropping Morph Monster Collection.  The designs are inspired by all things horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. They reflect peoples darkest fears, phobias, and nightmares, as well as the natural inner workings of the human body.  His morphsuit designs could be seen on the 2018 semifinals of America's Got Talent, worn by acrobatics group Zurcaroh.  You may have seen his work during the Winter Olympic Games as Canadian skeleton competitor, Barrett Martineau, slid down the track in Pyeongchang sporting a helmet emblazoned with a roaring grizzly bear.  Kyle currently lives and works from his home in Brampton, Ontario.   When he is not painting and designing he enjoys spending time outdoors with his family. 

Carrie Campbell


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 9.47.16 PM.png

“I think my painting style is as jagged and unpredictable as the path I’ve travelled.”

Carrie Campbell is a visual artist who works mainly in mixed media creating pieces made of a variety of mediums such as acrylic, oils, inks and watercolours. Raised in Queens New York, she studied, studio art for three years before momentous life events would eventually lead her to Toronto, where she holds a diploma in art from SCI, a member of International Council for Open Distance and Education (ICDE).

Her subject matter focuses mainly on the growth of women and families after personal struggles such as domestic violence and mental health issues as well as her personal favourite topics of culture and love. Using her work, she aims to present her own feelings of tenderness, vulnerability, and underlying resilience. 

In Brampton, Carrie is a life coach, and owner an itinerant art and wellness workshop business.  She has exhibited work at multiple shows at Beaux Arts Brampton, and also has mixed media pieces on permanent public display at the Family Life Resource Center as well as Hope 24/7, which are both local women’s centers within her resident city.  As part of a community engagement initiative she is the lead instructor of a wellness and art program known as Empowered Through Art, which promotes themes of positivity among residents of the city while using art techniques to remind them of the indelible impression art can have on any region.

Josephine Condotta



Josephine Condotta is an emerging, contemporary visual artist with an HBA in Visual Arts from McMaster University.  She is currently working on her GIRL EXPOSED Series, which explores the concept of femininity and the emotions that surround the feminism movement from an individual’s perspective. The series dives into the modern female struggle for identity and equality. Josephine illustrates the complexity and character of identity through layers of mixed media along with ethereal depictions of the female form or the symbolic use of natural elements and animals. She aims to capture an emotion and an energy within every work of art. 

Josephine has exhibited at the The Artist Project Toronto in 2015, had artworks published in 'House & Garden' magazine, the 'Toronto Sun' and 'Jungle' magazine, and since participated in many shows as a member of Beaux Arts Brampton.

Prabha Madhavan


prabha headshot.jpg

Prabha Madhavan combines her passion for travel and painting to capture the magnificence of nature in her landscapes.  Her realistic depictions manage to bring out the depth of colour in the play of light. Her medium of choice is oils and she takes her inspiration from her travels.  She has travelled to over 41 countries and 143 cities, from the wilds of Africa to the sophistication of Paris, from the ancient wonders of Angkor Wat to the modern architectures of Dubai.  Her paintings have been exhibited in several exhibitions at the Beaux Arts Gallery and included in numerous private art collections in the US, Canada, Dubai and India.  She has also created many commissioned works of art.

She currently lives in Brampton.

Alexa Trilli



Alexa Trilli is full time artist specializing in a unique glitter medium, known internationally for her all-glitter portraits.

She has created artwork for public figures including Paris Hilton, Winnie Harlow, Carrie Underwood, Kirk Hammet (Metallica) and more. In 2018, she was commissioned by CMT (Country Music Television) to create 7 portraits of each of the "Artists of The Year" honourees in LA, which included country music legend Loretta Lynn.

Her work was featured in DeltaSky Magazine's December 2018 issue, and on social media has gathered over 18M views in viral video features by Insider, MyModernMet, Bored Panda, Vice and many others. 

TRILLI currently creates work primarily by commission, has an active Instagram following (@TrilliLife) and also produces an art video series through her YouTube channel. All can be found at 

Jasmine Rock



Jasmine is an emerging Brampton artist and graphic designer; acrylic paint is her medium of choice.


Jasmine's work has always been abstract and non-representational; texture, pattern, colour, line and shape are her favourite subjects. She is currently focusing on the use of palette knives and even household objects such as paper towel rolls to create texture.


Jasmine has been heavily influenced by Modernist Piet Mondrian’s primary colour palette. Most recently, the drawings of Ronald L. Bloore inspired her to incorporate more curves into her line and colour paintings.


Experimentation and iteration are key to her process, which is informed by her design background. Jasmine often researches and creates prototypes but when she is ready for the final, and often large, painting, she just goes for it!

Kulpreet Rana



Kulpreet Rana was born in India, Punjab and now lives in Canada in the city of Brampton. 


His artworks take a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. His works are influenced by the environmental aesthetics of society.  Kulpreet's visual art illustrates his emotions, thoughts, and his inspirations, through his unique style.

Kulpreet's subject matter in his artworks focuses around the social matrix and are a combination of his imagination and real life incidents, aimed to explore and interpret meanings on each canvas.  He always tries new experiments in his paintings.  Kulpreet uses oil and acrylic colours and he also experiments with mixed media.

Mehtaab Wachhair


Mehtaab copy.jpg

Mehtaab is a highly passionate Freelance artist and has more than 20 years of experience, working with various artistic mediums. She has a long list of recognized qualifications and an ability to use clay, textiles, painting, papier-mache, handicrafts, murals, ceramics, pots, oil paint and watercolours, as an expressive language to create art for exhibitions or sale.

She has a Masters in History of Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has organized various workshops in Painting. She trained newly appointed arts teachers, organized art summer camps and also took art classes with various age groups. Mehtaab engages in Paint-nites and Birthday parties. Her works are displayed in Restaurants, Public organizations and also in private collections.

Mehtaab is honoured to showcase her 31 paintings for a music book ‘Namo-Geet Geetay’ as well as be a part of the Exchange Artist workshop at Shropshire (U.K.) and to have won various awards at College and state level. Through her artwork, Mehtaab wants to make a difference and bring happiness in people’s life.

Tara Cress



Tara Cress has been inspired by animals all her life; both artistically and generally. They are often the muses for her detailed pen and ink renderings, focused on bringing their emotions to the forefront. For this artist, wildlife art need not be a fully detailed picture of an animal in its habitat, instead she focuses on the texture of the subject and ways for the viewer to fill in omitted details, such as colour or context. 

Tara is a local talent and has been developing her professional body of work since 2015. In 2017, two of her designs for the Muskoka Chair Project for Canada150 were selected and displayed as part of the City of Brampton celebrations. She enjoys connecting with people and is establishing herself within the local arts community. Since 2018, she has appeared in four shows at Beaux Arts Brampton, where she'll be exhibiting a solo show entitled Fine Lines in the Cove Gallery from November 6-30th.

Ashley Beerdat



Ashley Beerdat is an emerging artist from Brampton, Ontario. She holds a B.A. from Western University in Art History and Visual Arts as well as criminology. She primarily works with oil paint using an impasto style to create layers and dimension throughout her works. Ashley uses painting to create mythical narratives illustrating a magical place envisioned in her dreams or inspired by childhood stories. These narratives do not follow a specific sequence, rather they are integrated in a collective space in her search for meaning and understanding how these bits of information form relationships with one another. Ashley is excited to be apart of ArtBeat Brampton and make meaningful connections. 

Shweta Kulkarni



Shweta is an engineering graduate from India and a SELF-TAUGHT paper-cut artist based out of Brampton. 

Back in 2014, while browsing through the Pinterest pins, she was fascinated by the suggested paper-cut pins on her timeline. 

She then bought her first Craft knife to explore the art and soon after, what started as "exploring the art" with paper-cutting (art of paper designs)turned to a devotion.  The paper-cuts she creates are highly-detailed and time-consuming tactile artworks.

She has honed her paper-cutting skills and built ‘AESTHETIC MINDS’ as a way to share her art and love for paper-cut design.

Noura Unrau



Noura Unrau’s unique artistry comes from a deeply personal perspective. Her awe-inspiring mixed media work evokes powerful reactions, whether it’s her bold depiction of feminist sensuality through the use of aluminum wire and fabric sculptures, the intricacy of up-cycled industrial-content collages, or the colourful reconstruction of nature using actual items found on wooded trails.

Noura has spent a lifetime sharing her impressions of the world around her. She spent much of her childhood travelling and taking in influences on a global scale. After finishing her studies in Egyptology and graduating from university in Cairo with a Bachelor in Ancient Egyptian Studies and Tourism, Noura continued to develop her unique artistic style, and has been commissioned by clients for artworks in the Middle East and here at home in Canada. Noura’s passion lies in transforming reclaimed textile and hardware into striking artworks.

Peter Cheung



My love of art began at very early age, although I was not able to pursue it due to family commitments. But later in life, when circumstance permitted, I decided to leave the corporate world and commit myself to become a full time artist. I first learned art from a famous Chinese painting Master with ink and water. I later incorporated the fast and strong brush work from Chinese painting into my western oils and watercolours. My philosophy for creating art is to emanates energy, life-force and movement. I view the canvas as an extension of the world around me, to capture that moment in time with no filter but only my interpretation.


In order to create the energy and movement, I forgo the preliminary sketch and under paint, instead I spend the time to study the subject until I am ready to paint directly on the canvas. This free-style approach is the only way to harmoniously connect the energy and the movement of the brush. With this, a transcendent experience is created between the artist, the artwork, and the viewer.  

Rachel Raven


Rachel headshot.jpg

Rachel Raven has been drawing since an early age; she started with traditional media, but eventually moved on to digital, attracted to its convenience and versatility.


She utilizes various styles to produce her work, ranging from faux traditional, to punchy, hard-edge. 

Though she has a strong background in realism, she's come to favour emotional sincerity over stark accuracy, which can be seen in her simplified forms, flowing lines, and dramatic lighting.


Her most prominent artistic influences include Boris and Julie, Frank Frazetta, Michael Whelan, HR Giger, Sheilah Beckett, Eyvind Earle, Beth Cavener, as well as prominent furry artists Christy Grandjean, Dark Natasha, and H. Kyoht Luterman.

Parveen Dhatt



Parveen is a self-taught multi-media artist, raised in Brampton from the age of 4.


Her mixed media collages are very conscious and respectful of the environment and the impact that consumption of material goods has had on the destruction of the planet. Those items destined for the recycle bin, coffee sleeves, fabric, denim, cereal boxes, and luggage tags are up cycled and reimagined in a new context in in her portrait collages.


Her work has a deep rooted historical narrative, old newspapers often appear in her work giving a peek into important moments in time.


Parveen exhibits at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair and her work is held in private collections around the world. Visit her Instagram page @dust.of.saints

Kimberley Popoff


Kimberley Popoff.jpg

With decades of experience, even as a child, Kimberley has been painting with watercolours. She has taken numerous art classes; participated in various art workshops; and enrolled in several drawing/painting lessons. She supports and learns from PAMA (Peel Art Gallery Museum & Archives), Visual Arts Brampton, City of Brampton, and Beaux Arts. Kimberley’s love of drawing and painting has always been, and continues to be, inspired by her late father. Together they shared many art classes together over the years.
Kimberley has been keenly interested in the architecture of older homes and had, at one time, considered architecture as a career. In 2018, she began drawing and painting houses as gifts for her friends. Her most recent art compilation was on display at the Brampton Public Library during the month of September. Kimberley is a gifted artist, who skillfully captures the beauty of her subject and meticulously translates it to canvas. Her eye for colour and structure will leave you in awe of her talents.
Kimberley looks forward to continuing her passion of the arts in her community; and as she approaches retirement she longs for more time at her easel.

Semone Rajkumar



Semone Rajkumar is multidisciplinary artist, based out of Brampton, Ontario. She’s originally born on the island of Trinidad in the West Indies. Her work explores the world of feelings and emotions, byproducts of our connectedness to world and people around us. With influences in pop culture, she observes and attempts to make sense of life as a millennial woman of colour, often exploring themes of identity, mental health, and growth.

She graduated from OCAD University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture & Installation and currently works full time as a Wax Technician at a bronze casting foundry, specializing in fine art.

She is also a part of BrownTown Girls which is a non-profit art community.

Regan Hayward

Curator & Coordinator



Regan Jane Hayward is an independent art curator specializing in interdisciplinary collaboration with artists who share a vision to explore subjects and issues impacting personal development and collective consciousness. 

Regan is a graduate of OCAD University Curatorial Development, Criticism & Design, Ryerson University Arts & Entertainment Management Program, and CMU college of Make Up Art & Design. Regan continues her Art History Studies at University of Toronto and keeps a studio space for her curatorial practice at Beaux Arts Brampton. Be sure to connect with her during ARTBeat Brampton! 

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