Zainab Kadeer

Cardinal Seasons:

“Art is an adventure to an unknown world which can be explore by those willing to take the risk “, Zainab Cadinouche

Art is my passion and I believe that it is never finished. I have been forever fascinated by the gifted power of creating. After getting married, and having a family my time for Art was sacrificed but not abandoned. My drive and passion towards ART was once again enlightened through the love that I have for my daughter.


I have a degree with honours in Fine Art from United Kingdom and ever since I moved to Canada, I have been more inspired to never stop painting and my reconnection with Art has been just great and more powerful.

Cardinal Seasons represents the state of our energetic emotions at the end of the year through its colours, textures and light. In this painting, my aspiration is to enhance the textures visual by recreating an illusion relief whilst taking care of the balance and subject.

Coming from a warm tropical Island, this painting represents my acquaintance and connection with Winter in Canada. This Art experience has allowed me to become totally immersed into the subject matter and there is nothing more helpful and satisfying to transcending from a hot weather to a cold harsh weather into that beautiful Artwork. 

Whether it is the Cardinal or the snow, my goal is to inspire those who see my work and share the happiness and pleasure.

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love” - Hamilton Wright Mabie

Merry Christmas to you all.

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