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Winners as selected by Beaux Arts Board of Directors

Awards presented by curator, Regan Jane Hayward. 

1st Place:

Birch Trees in Autumn.jpg

Artist Statement

"Mother nature with her beauty of autumn has danced around the birch trees at the water’s edge. "

- Cynthia Hartzenberg

“Birches in Autumn”
Cynthia Hartzenberg

Mixed Media
36" x 24”

2nd Place:

Catching the midnight train.jpg

Artist Statement

"This painting captures the dramatic moment of riders trying to catch the last train of the day for home or in transition. I try to recreate the emotions that I had during those journeys by loose, painterly brush strokes with a limited palette."

- Peter Cheung

“Catching the Midnight Train
Peter Cheung

24" x 18”

3rd Place:


Artist Statement

"Tree Honouring is a mixed media project I created as a response to my feelings of alarm and sadness over the loss of trees in the last few years. I’ve witnessed many trees die in my neighbourhood after an Emerald Ash Borer breakout, and an ice storm in 2013. Extreme weather events and invasive species caused by climate change are causing negative impacts on our ecosystem. As we experience this transition on a global scale, I’m seeing a lot of the effects of climate change at the local level. As an artist with a deep love for trees, I wanted to honour them by bringing them back to life through art with the intention of expressing hope for the future of tree species and our Earth as a whole.

Tree Honouring #1 and Tree Honouring #2 are part of a series. The mediums used to create this project are digital photography and acrylic inks. The artwork is printed on 100% cotton rag photo paper."

- Sana Ahmed

“Tree Honouring #1 & 2”
Sana Ahmed

Photograph, acrylic ink
12" x 18" (both)

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