Inside The Vault

Beaux Arts Brampton

The Art Vault is Beaux Arts' very own newly launched online gallery! We will be bringing you highlighted shows from our past for you to view. We hope you enjoy the Vault while we await the chance to reopen and hang art on our walls again. 

 Door #1

City Spaces Cultural Places


​As we approach Canada’s 153rd birthday we reflect on the positive message about how we as a cultural people can help bring each other through stressful times. City Spaces and Cultural Places seeks to remind us that we have built our lives around and within our cities’ limits. Restricted now we long for public engagement opportunities that will no doubt have a new and improved understanding, and compassion for each other.

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Door # 2

Door #3

The New Normal


The New Normal marks the beginning of 6 months in the new year, the halfway point for the year being done. As time has progressed we have acclimated to changes, formed new routines and progressed out of old habits, championing new ideas, values, and ways of think, the traditional has been updated, while still honoured, to reflect the new normal in a world that looks very different than it did 6 months ago.


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In The Wild 2019

As we focus in on our stories during this period of time, we remember that the world as a whole has been impacted. The pandemic can be considered from an environmental point of view, as it is believed to be a virus contracted from an animal. In The Wild Art exhibition is a reminder that humanity must live with deeper consideration to Mother Nature and our animal kingdom. And much like the forest after the fire, we too shall turn soil and regrow what was lost. 

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