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 Our Testimonials

"I had the privilege of exhibiting my work at the Beaux Arts Brampton as part of the White Box Gallery Project. Curated by Wyn Geleynse and Chuck Scott, the White Box Project invites artists to exhibit their work in a miniature gallery built at a 1:12" dollhouse scale. Installed in the storefront of Beaux Arts Gallery, the White Box is viewed from Main Street. Working at miniature scale, I exhibited a series of works in a beautifully crafted miniature gallery space.

"As a practicing artist from the Peel Region, the opportunity to showcase my work in my community in such a unique way was both valuable and rewarding. Beaux Arts Gallery had the vision of using the miniature gallery that was viewable from the street which promoted interaction and human connection. The street view exposed my work to a new audience who were curious about the display and came into the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the gallery. In addition to the gallery traffic, the social media posts about the event engaged my online community and boosted new followers.

I am grateful to the Beaux Arts Gallery for the opportunity to promote my work in a fun and engaging way that has fostered new connections. The White Box Project at Beaux Arts is a testament to how art is for everyone and how it can enrich the quality of life and promote growth in a community."

 - Fausta Facciponte

Visual Artist

"Beaux Arts Brampton is a contemporary, popular presence in Downtown Brampton. Located in the main cultural centre of the city. It is a reflection of the ambitions displayed by local emerging and senior artists wishing to create a visual dialogue within the community and the region by providing amazing opportunities for local, regional, national and international artists.

Having both a Macro and Micro exhibition spaces it has encouraged local and regional artist to re-think within the White Box of the gallery space.

It offers creative space and learning opportunities for unique non-traditional ideas.

It provides a strong voice for the arts in Brampton and is a keystone venue for ideas, interaction, discussion between the community and cultural: without culture, we have no identity."

- Wyn Geleynse


Adjunct Professor, Dept. Visual Arts, Western University

Governor Generals Award for Media and Visual Arts 2018

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