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The Power of the First Show

Chromatics I and II by Jasmine Rock. Taken at Beaux Arts' New Members-New Motivations show in 2017

The first time an artist has their work displayed in an art exhibition marks an important milestone, not only in their professional career but also in their personal development. This initial accomplishment can provide artists with the encouragement and recognition needed to kickstart their creative craft.

As Josephine Condotta explains, “I remember just a little about the first official art exhibition I was in. I was 15 years old and the only student from my high school selected to participate in a Peel Art exhibition at the Living Arts Centre. The thing that was so monumental for me was how I felt on opening night: that my artwork was not good enough for me to be there; but that there was nowhere in the world I wanted to be more.”

For many artists, Beaux Arts has been the venue of that first show.

“My first ever art show was Beaux Arts' New Members-New Motivations show in 2017. It was the first time I had shown in a bona fide gallery. I remember how good the lighting was and how my colourful paintings popped against the clean, white walls. I felt so happy and proud! I was just starting out as a practicing artist and I felt like I was finally legit! I have participated in many Beaux Arts shows since.” explains Jasmine Rock. The process of creating art is intensive. It takes time, energy, creativity and passion. What an art exhibition can provide is a platform for artists to showcase their work to the public and demonstrate that this effort is worth it. This is why that first art exhibition is so monumental.

In the Wild, one of Beaux Arts’ annual shows, provided Tara Cress with this platform in 2018.

In the Wild was a highly anticipated show for me; the call for submissions inspired and reaffirmed to me that my subject matter and technique has value and should be exhibited.” explains Cress.

Beaux Arts is dedicated to creating exhibitions that give emerging to mid-career artists the opportunity to display their art so that like Cress, their work can be valued and exhibited. This initial success can encourage artists to keep going—keep creating and sharing your work with the world. We want to see it!

As Condotta tells us, “After that first show, I took every art class my high school offered so I could apply to Colleges and Universities to focus my life around visual art...and that’s exactly what I did.”

Cress adds that “The friendly and encouraging experience was an incredible starting point for me as an artist in developing confidence and polishing the presentation of my work. It has led to 12 more shows, 5 of which were juried shows, and 1 being my first solo exhibition.”

Beaux Arts is proud to be a part of these artists’ journeys. If you or someone you know is interested in exhibiting art with us, we encourage you to check out our Call for Submissions. Beaux Arts is currently accepting artworks for Sightful Secrets Summer Art Exhibition 2021 until June 6 at 12pm.


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