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Special Announcement!

Regan Jane Hayward in Vivian Lane
Regan Jane Hayward in Vivian Lane

Today, we celebrate a dear leader in our creative garden here at Beaux Arts Gallery, Regan Jane Hayward. Her tireless contributions and the ever-fearless stance to champion new visions in the arts, not only for our artist members, but for all art lovers in Peel Region. Regan has spent time building and contributing to all our legacies here at Beaux Arts, in such a meaningful, authentic and inspiring way. And as such, we are overwhelmed with joy as we congratulate Regan on her Public Appointment to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection as of November 2021!

Beaux Arts Gallery is known as one of the main hubs for the visual arts in Brampton, operating since 2002. Beaux Arts has fostered many artists’ careers; since 2015, this staging ground full of opportunity, wonder, hard work, laughter, and dedication has been and continues to be, fostered by and flourishing because of Regan. She has led our arts collective’s culture into refinement and growth, nurturing the creative spirit of so many artist members and audience friends alike, fashioning an inclusive platform for the arts and shaping a brilliant garden of accomplishments, creativity, and above all, authentic connections!

As Regan continues to expand and build new gardens for others to sprout in, we continue to cheer for our Executive Director’s success! Beaux Arts will forever be proud, supportive, grateful and in absolute awe of her Leaps and Bounds wherever she goes, whatever gardens she tends, and whichever stars she chases – and will most certainly catch!

Truly Regan, congratulations!! There could be no one more perfect, more dedicated, and more deserving.

From us all,

The Beaux Arts Collective & Board of Directors


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