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Special Announcement!

October 1st, 2021.


Back by popular demand, and a successful operating grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation, we are welcoming back Regan Jane Hayward, our Executive Director/Curator to help launch the new vision for Beaux Arts Gallery Brampton! Her avant-garde abilities and years of experience in the City of Brampton, Peel Region, and success within the Art World has our Board elated that we can bring her back once again for a new focus.

As an arts organization in the creative gig economy, like every other small business in Downtown Brampton, the pandemic hit was hard, so we pivoted our operations and our Board took this past summer to review our strategic plan. After doing so, we have recognized that with new challenges and the changes being faced in the Art World overall, we aim to do our best and strengthen a new vision for Beaux Arts Gallery Brampton, focusing on art shows, creative programming of gallery, our artist collective and growing our online digital platform for the future!

Streamlining our operations, so we can survive a post lock-down world and accelerate into a contemporary art future, would not be possible without our recent "Operating Grant", awarded to us from the Ontario Trillium Foundation's Community Building Stream. We are so thankful for the arrival of this grant! Regan Jane Hayward who was instrumental in Beaux Arts growth the last five years and has been greatly missed these last 3 months by all of us here at Beaux Arts. We can't wait to move forward in new ways, with such an amazing leader!

We hope that you'll join us as we welcome Regan back, our favourite Executive Director and Art Curator!


Abigail Feige, Chair

Board of Directors

Beaux Arts Gallery



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