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Professional Feedback Strengthens ART

Exhibiting Artists from our 13th Annual Open Juried Fine Art Exhibition with Juror, Olaf, and curator, Regan Jane Hayward at Beaux Arts Gallery

An afternoon of constructive criticism and shared experiences took place at the Juror Talk last month on Sunday March 27th. Exhibiting artists from the 13th Annual Open Juried Fine Art Exhibition got a chance to hear professional feedback from celebrated international artist and show juror, Olaf.

Juror Talks are where exhibiting artists gather with the accomplished juror (jury panel) to review their art works from the standpoint of the various elements of art; those being; line, space, texture, shape, form, colour, value! Communicating about art is a good way to develop important negotiation and discussion skills as talking and active listening to others' point of view and contributing our own is a set of skills that can be challenging to cultivate, practicing this via the arts is valuable and transferable!

Each artist came away from our Juror Talk with a rich collection of tips and tricks from international artist, Olaf as well as their fellow visual artist peers. From the trials and tribulations of exploring visual art mediums to the expression and context intended through creation, each element of artwork feedback and story shared was warmly received in the strengthen of visual art practice. Juror Talks are an important experience, one that we host at each juried show produced here at Beaux Arts Gallery in Downtown Brampton!

This 13th Annual Open Juried Fine Art Exhibition and its programs were made possible by the Community Building Fund operating grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation. To view this exhibition online, please visit our exhibitions page here.


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