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How Does Art Drive Society?

September 2021

The relationship between art and society has evolved over the passage of time. Art is a medium which binds us together. It is not only a mirror that reflects society, but is a symbol of time representing the past, present, and future.

Have you ever wondered what we would lose if we had no art?

Think of the art you have enjoyed throughout your life. Say all those memories you have made with art are gone? How would you feel or be affected? If there was never an artist, no art would have been made, resulting in the lack of rich history documented. Without art, we would not be able to feel the real wonders, excitements, joys, and thrills of our world while watching our favourite shows, movies, sports or visiting gardens, amusement parks, etc. With the lack of art in our lives, we would find ourselves bored and unsatisfied. An artless world would have more gaps in society, and we would not be able to extend our understanding of one another, allowing for greater empathy and kindness. That’s why we need art!!

We need art to:

  • make us complete human beings

  • express ourselves

  • understand and share our individual and shared history

  • keep us healthy and energetic

  • keep us connected

Art Reveals Our Roots

Art is a way of communicating that empowers energy to the people of various cultures and communities; to interact and communicate with one another at various occasions. Looking back in time, whether it is prehistoric art from India, or the medieval art of the western world, we learnt the lifestyles, cultures, food, fashion, and stories of the past.

It also reflects what life was before birth and what life is going to be after death. If the richness of art did not exist, we would not have come to know about our values, our roots, and where we came from. Art shows us the world of perception, the world of conception, and the world which can neither be perceived nor conceived, but that exists.

Art Expresses Our Beliefs

Art is spiritual in many aspects. It is valued as a spiritual asset that has a strong impact on society. Art is important, both as an activity, and as a product. Spiritually, art is a divine gesture of creativity where an artist and a spectator experience bliss within themselves. If we also look back in history, we witness individuals who have used various forms of art, music, and literature to express their religious beliefs. Meaningful words, images, and objects in scriptures, monuments and buildings have played major roles to convey beliefs and faith.

Art is about perspective, experiences, and appreciating the gifts of life we have. It employs the effect of one’s senses, feelings, imagination, and intellect. It is the love for mankind that drives an artist to create the truth, extending the senses beyond their limits.

Art is one of the great immediate self-rewarding comforts available to mankind which brings one’s self to bliss in forms of spiritual auras. For example, when an artist is in the process of creation, art enables the creator to get away from the negativity of the world like anger, greed, hatred, jealousy and enables the spectator to enjoy the real beauty of life around. It cultivates innumerable valuable qualities including dynamism, generosity, inclusiveness, and creativity. It can make one’s mind more flexible, receptive, and responsive.

Art is the Heart of Society

Art regulates the functioning of any society by creating an escape for one’s mind and soul, whether that may be an artist or spectator. Art helps influence society by breaking stereotypes, imparting values, and changing opinions. We appreciate and admire art through music, poetry, drawings, dance, sculpture, architectural designs, graffiti, murals, installations- displaying and portraying social causes. Through art, many portray taboo and current issues, creating a voice for those who wish to be heard through this medium. Though art helps emotionally, financially, and psychologically, it also embraces and shapes civilians, individually or collectively.

Art Spans Across Cultures

Art is a natural human behaviour to communicate, heal, and tell stories from the past, present, and future. Art evokes emotions, expressions and connects one’s inner self to their mind and heart. Art binds society not only nationally, but internationally as well. Beaux Arts is an example of such a society. Here at Beaux Arts, artists from all over the world exhibit their unique talents, interact with each other, and learn each other’s cultures. Similarly, the people who come to see exhibitions get opportunities to know the culture and artistic values of other countries and communities through art.

Art creates a wonderful sensation between a creator and spectator. While an artist puts his soul into the art piece, the beholder forgets the outside world and sinks into the inner peace of the art.

All of this is the beauty of art!


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