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Connection: Lost & Found

Masked girl in the centre of connections
Illustration by Princess W

In merely two years, Covid-19 has managed to drastically alter everything, including our social media presences. We've all missed face-to-face social interaction with family and friends: coffee meet-ups just to catch up, going out for dinner and celebrating huge milestones. The majority of seeing one another has switched to witnessing each other’s online posts or to be more intimate, having FaceTime calls, or Zoom meetings to watch a movie together.

The impulse to delete social media has been noticeable. Many people worry about spending too many hours online and neglecting other duties within their daily routines. For others, in this crucial period, they found the importance of having a social media platform; they rely on them to stay pertinent with global occurrences.

Being a part of the Beaux Arts Administration team and monitoring from behind the computer screen has been interesting. I’ve witnessed the change in how we use our platforms. We have transitioned into finding more interactive games to execute on our Instagram and Facebook stories. Our This or That series has given us that opportunity to learn more about our audience. Other series such as True or false allow our audience to learn more about what we offer as an artist-run gallery. These miscellaneous facts all hold equal importance and it’s intriguing to encounter various answers from each individual. We immerse ourselves in our Brampton community through social media and by administering our exhibitions; we give artists a vibrant space to share their work and culture.

Fast forward to June 2021, there have been many changes regarding Covid-19 restrictions. It'll be electrifying to safely restore that in-person atmosphere at the gallery. Until then, we hope many of you will continue to join us in staying connected on social media and that you find enjoyment in connecting with each other.


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