Artist Interview with Sarah Terrill for "I Know Why" Art Exhibition

Regan Hayward sits down with abstract artist, Sarah Terrill, as a part of a new series of candid conversations with practicing artists.

​Regan: Welcome everyone, I am Regan Jane Hayward, I’m a curating artist and also the managing director of Beaux Arts Gallery, Downtown Brampton. We are a not-for-profit artist-run space and currently with Covid-19 in effect, our arts collective has been doing a lot of pivoting on our programming for you, our audience, to enjoy and today is no different. We are doing a series of candid conversations with artists that we are showcasing. This particular interview is with exhibiting artist Sarah Terrill, abstract artist. Sarah is a featured artist in our “I Know Why” Art Exhibition available virtually now at our website. In honour of Black History Month, we are showcasing the works of Black artists, to demonstrate our support of Black culture and artists themselves. So today we’re having a conversation with you, Sarah, how are you?