Artist Interview with Kofi Frempong for "I Know Why" Art Exhibition

Kofi Frempong is a life-long, Toronto-based artist who is dedicated to sharing his love for the world through art. Kofi’s bright, warm and vivid paintings are focused on the beauty and love of Black men and women. While Kofi has been practicing art since he was five, it was only later in life that he began to paint. In 2012, he launched an initiative called “Freedom Fridays,” which combined his passion for art and community. This experience helped him overcome his anxiety around painting and launched his painting career focused on authenticity, community, and the beauty of Black culture.

In August 2020, his artwork was featured as a logo for Canada Broadcasting Company (CBC). Currently, in addition to his gallery shows, Kofi has gathered a social media following of over 25K. He is proud to be able to present positive representation of Black culture. During February 2021, Black History Month, Regan Hayward had the pleasure of interviewing Kofi to discuss his art practice, his role as a Black artist, and his sources of inspiration. Be sure to check out his artworks on virtual display as part of “I Know Why”—an art exhibition celebrating black art, culture and artists. This interview is part of a ser