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A Position of Passion

Each day I wake up and I feel lucky. It’s not easy to work in the arts and culture industry and get to do what you love, but I’m one of the lucky ones. Grinding away for a job with purpose and meaning is everything for me and I have found that: in Beaux. My job is filled with passion and I get to work for and alongside creatives who are more talented than they humbly let on. It’s refreshing and motivating and absolutely incredible.

I knew a long time ago that I wanted to work for Regan Jane Hayward. Meeting her when I was just a member artist at Beaux back in 2015, I witnessed her leadership and it blew me away. Her passion, drive, creativity and excellence in arts & culture are attributes I continue to admire greatly about her every day. She has not only taught me so much of the business of the arts as an artist & volunteer member, but she exemplifies as a boss what it means to work as a team; to bring my talents together with others so we can all move our community forward and benefit. She has also helped me recognize and lean into my strengths; to strengthen my talents and allow my abilities to shine, and subsequently, let the talents and abilities of others shine too. Regan has shown me by example just what teamwork and collaboration can do for the greater good.

My job is filled with passion and I get to work for and alongside creatives who are more talented than they humbly let on.

I am so grateful to be able to bring whatever I can to Beaux Arts Brampton. To be able to apply my attention to detail and my management experience from the Design & Retail industry to my new role here at Beaux Arts. Still a practicing artist since 2014, I am thrilled to advance my knowledge and experience in arts management, whilst being able to help my fellow visual artist community here in Brampton. I was born and raised here in this city and have always wanted to be a part of an artist community in my hometown; with Beaux Arts Brampton being a long-standing visual arts organization, I couldn’t have imagined a better place to belong and give back.

So here I am, the new Operations Manager who gets to work in her favourite creative space, with a boss who raises her up and enriches her life, and surrounded by local artists and friends who give her a sense of belonging and a feeling of freedom to be her very strange, artistic, and authentic self. I can’t express how excited I am to belong to this team on the daily and be a part of Beaux Arts continued growth and success.


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