• Regan Jane Hayward

A Change is as Good as a Rest

Dear Friends,

It has been a journey full of twists and turns here at Beaux Arts since I came on board May 2016, as of July 2021, I no longer serve as Executive Management of Beaux Arts Brampton. Beaux Arts has survived and will continue to do so, through this shift as we welcome a new operations manager role into the established arts collective; having achieved much in the last five years, Beaux Arts is now poised to thrive onward to the next level, exciting times are ahead!

Since 2016, Beaux Arts Collective has changed considerably, accomplished so much and somehow managed to keep going despite the harsh impacts of covid19. Over the last 5 years, we worked hard to bring quality international artists to our gallery – to show, to jury, to mentor – such as Tony Vander Voet, Wyn Geleynse, Olaf Schneider, Lynne Schumacher, and Fausta Facciponte to name a few. We not only opened our doors wide to all visual artists seeking to be professional but, we also sought them out to ensure we bridged any gaps with respect to inclusivity – and through those efforts Beaux Arts has become one of the most organically integrated diverse arts platforms in our City.

Together, our visual arts collective, made a fresh curatorial program that drew in audiences in record numbers, grew the artist membership significantly, ballooned the numbers of visual art submissions to internal and external art shows and overall in 2019 we welcomed over 7,500 visitors to our gallery spaces!

Together, our visual arts collective, built a positive force of energy, true in its desire to keep a humble artist-run space professional and alive despite the mountain of challenges; we modernized the operation of Beaux Arts Brampton, sourced new funding supports, grew our sponsorships and stayed authentic and consistent in our team objective to bring people together and foster social inclusion through the arts. No matter what your age, colour, creed, or orientation, all were welcomed, and our collective efforts fostered understanding among the diverse backgrounds, that lead to many people making new connections, partnerships, and friendships! We multiplied ALL our numbers by embodying the spirit of multi-culturalism. {multi-culturalism – noun - support for the presence of, several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society}.

The time has come for me to dive deeper and develop various elements of my own artistic practice and unique new age career path, and as a member of Beaux Arts since April 11, 2011, trust that I will remain an artist member of Beaux Arts! Nonetheless, I can step away from the director management role of Beaux Arts Brampton having achieved a healthier organizational culture, a stronger service platform for practicing visual artists, a viable partner to our city’s creative industry and groups, and with a improved fiscal health that is confident to invite more support to it’s table – all as a result of our collective efforts in the last 5 years. And now we will welcome an Operations manager to continue to carry the Beaux Arts gallery forward working along side the awesome Board of Directors and Working Committees!

Hence forth, I bid you all adieu from the Executive Director seat with a full heart and a symbolic hug, so thankful to the core team mates I’ve worked with over the last 5 years (you know who you are!) and thankful to have worked with community stakeholders, and so thankful to all the visual arts and overall arts community that I have come to know and admire, during my staff time at Beaux Arts Brampton. I encourage you to look forward with hope, excitement, and open arms to embrace this shift as Beaux Arts will remain a wonderful arts org. in the overall unique tapestry of the City of Brampton ;))


Regan Jane Hayward

Managing Executive Director

May 2016 – July 2021

Beaux Arts Brampton

Keep in touch with me on social media: @iamreganjane

A few pictures to share from in the Gallery, over the years...

With Beaux Arts Collective!

Visits with Beaux Arts Ward Councillors, Rowena Santos and Paul Vicente.

At opening receptions!

Visits with Councilor Martin Medeiros!

Visits with Councilor Jeff Bowman!

Visits with LA Kings Hockey Player Akil Thomas and his family.

Visits with Brandon Gonez.

Artbeat Brampton with the Gallery Team.

Arts Advocacy with Beaux Arts Brampton Members.