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3 Simple Ways to Add Large Art to Your Home

Painting over couch: Autumn by Kulpreet Rana
Autumn by Kulpreet Rana

Although artwork is usually one of the final touches to decorating your home, it can be one of the elements to have the biggest impact— especially if it’s a really large piece! Not only does it pull a whole room together or give it a sense of character, large artwork can be a big way to share a little peek into who you are. As a fine art and mural artist, as well as an Interior Decorator with 8+ years of experience on design project management, I know that incorporating large works of art into your spaces can seem as overwhelming as their size suggests. If you feel like you wouldn’t know where to start, here are a few simple ways to add large art to your home:

1. The “Furniture Feature”

The easiest way to include large artwork in a room’s décor is to pick the largest piece of low furniture and place a piece of artwork above it. This could be anything from a low headboard to a long cabinet to a sofa. Since these pieces of furniture are substantial in size, the large artwork won’t overpower it. In fact, it will appear to match the weight of the furniture visually.

Styling Tip: Ensure that the width of the artwork is smaller or the same size as the piece of furniture.

Style It Like A Pro: Match the accessories on the large piece of furniture with some of the colours in the artwork to really pull the pieces together!

2. The “Tight Passage-way”

Believe it or not, small hallways are a great place to put a large piece of art. As the tight space doesn’t often lend room for any furniture, artwork can provide some character and life to an otherwise blank spot. Large artworks are also a great alternative to wallpaper: less messy, easier to install, and easy to move or change out!

Styling Tip: Select an artwork that has a vertical orientation, meaning it is taller than it is wide.

Style It Like A Pro: Place a simple light above the piece of art to give it a bit of drama (and a prestigious museum vibe)!

3. The “Gallery Wall Anchor”

Always wanted to hang a collection of your artworks all on one wall, but not sure how to put them together? Start with a large piece or two! Since a gallery wall is a collage of artworks, large pieces help the arrangement feel cohesive and not too cluttered. These works will anchor the collection with visual weight, giving you the flexibility to add smaller works with chunky frames or strong colours.

Styling Tip: Measure the wall and map the artworks out on your floor first. This will help you visualize all the art together and make it easy to rearrange the pieces before putting any holes in your wall.

Style It Like A Pro: Place your largest piece of artwork in the center of the wall and arrange the rest of the pieces outwards on either side. If you have two or more large pieces, arrange them first then place the remaining smaller works between and around them.

A huge painting, a large drawing, or even a massive photograph can be a big investment and seem daunting to bring home, but when you love a piece, wondering where to put it shouldn’t hold you back!

Gallery wall anchor image (left) artists:

School is Out Cassie by Anita Pietras

Choose Wisely by Josephine Condotta

Hello, Sunshine by Tara Cress

Yin by Kristen Allicock

Moving Up by Peter Ochal

Gallery wall anchor image (right) artists:

Pink Fluff! By Kim Chase

Something Wicked by Rachel Raven

Great Blue Heron by Kelly McNeil

Domes des Invalides France by Timothy Story

Fresh Start by Ryan Thompson

Boats Near Music Garden Toronto by Kishor Sonawane

Hamayun Gate by Philip Brink

Unfolding by Aditi Kashyap

Nature Calls by Frank Myers


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