The journey I took to create these three paintings is directly linked to the time I have spent as a studio artist at Beaux-Arts Brampton. These are the first of a series painted here in my studio and are dedicated to the building that houses them, Robson Block. All three pieces; Beaux, Brampton Farmers Market and Vivian Lane are locally inspired, landmarking moments in my life over this past year, since I opened my studio on June 10th, 2017. They are abstract expressions of ones presences, in a time and place, that explore the relevance of community and the impact it has on an individual's personal experience. 


The first the of the series, Beaux, is ethereal and utopian, much like how I felt when my dream of having a studio had finally come true. The flowers and colours, are references to seasonal flowers of May and June, such a peonies, lilac and bleeding hearts, which I picked from my personal garden myself and brought to my studio as subjects. But their deeper symbolism stems from my earliest childhood fantasies, of Claude Monet and his studio and garden at Giverny. In this painting, all my life aspirations, since I was a little girl, are realized and in bloom.


The second of this series, Brampton Farmers Market, is inspired by its name sake, and is much more grounded then it's predecessor, but still flourishing and splendid. At this point, in mid summer, I was in a routine of coming to my studio every Saturday morning, buying flowers from the bustling market on Main Street below and painting my new subjects, week by week. The new found structure in my lifestyle and in my workflow, comes through in my composition, very organically and seeming on its own. My garden of earthly accomplishments is overgrown and prosperous. At this point in the story, I'm on top of the world and comfortable there.


Though my third piece is named after Vivian Lane, the painting has more to do with change and how I began to feel as August turned to September, and onward into fall. The view from my window, which looks out onto the lane way, saw the changing of the seasons, and an end to the best summer of my life. Probably the most striking detail of this piece, is the fiery suns which dance about the mid section of the painting. Inspired by a sunrise I shared with a new flame in my personal life, they symbolize the donning of a new, a midst the dying of the old, and the natural cycles that move our world. Season by season, day by day. 


With winter upon us, I am now midway through the fourth piece of this serious, Brampton Boy, and I foresee the continuation of The Robson Block Series lasting as long as Beaux-Arts Brampton and my studio are here in this building. The City of Brampton is a character in this story and it is my hope that the creation of this series shows the impact of this organization, which has been under this roof and in this community for 15 years. 

Sara Heathfield

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