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"Members Winter 2019" Art Show and Sale

Main & Cove Galleries

Show Passed

Show Dates: December 4 - February 1, 2020

Reception: December 5, 2019, 7 -9 pm

Curated By: Regan Jane Hayward


About the Exhibition: 

We must look beyond just the black and white. Our member artists have work that seeks to provoke and delight, we can’t wait to invite you to our gallery site to experience this Winter 2019 Member Art Show, offering you original art works on sale, to bring home and be forever in your sight!

Exhibiting Artists:

Amanda Busby, Annie Pelletier, April Bhamra, Bipin Kumar, Carryann Campbell, Connie Munson, Gisele Boileau, Helen Duplassie, James Murai, Jasmine Rock, Josephine Condotta, Kim Smerek, Kulpreet Rana, Kyle Langois, Michael Brennan, Mehtaab Wachhair, Pat Tadier, Peter Cheung, Sam Catalfamo, Sana Ahmed, Sanjay Kalmadi, Shivani Jivan, Tara Cress

Face to Face

Main Gallery

Show Passed

Show Dates:  November 6 - November 30 , 2019

Reception: Friday, November 8, 2019, 7-9 pm

Artworks by Kulpreet Rana

About the Exhibition: 

This exhibition by Kulpreet is a portrait series. In which he has tried to portray his heroes, poets and celebrities as portraits. 

 The subject of Kulpreet's exhibition is the selection of objects and portraits from his birthplace Punjab and country India. Since India is the birthplace of the country, Kulpreet presents his countrymen through their art, even though that number is lengthy, but some philosophers, and social reformers are involved in the portrait.

In the Indian context, Kulpreet's exhibition speaks of the personalities of this society, a society which is constantly on the road against social, economic, religious and political imperatives. The subject of his art has been social.

About the Artist:

Kulpreet Rana was born in India, Punjab and now lives in Canada in the city of Brampton. 


His artworks take a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. His works are influenced by the environmental aesthetics of society.  Kulpreet's visual art illustrates his emotions, thoughts, and his inspirations, through his unique style.

Kulpreet's subject matter in his artworks focuses around the social matrix and are a combination of his imagination and real life incidents, aimed to explore and interpret meanings on each canvas.  He always tries new experiments in his paintings.  Kulpreet uses oil and acrylic colours and he also experiments with mixed media.

Fine Lines

Cove Gallery

Show Passed

Show Dates:  November 6 - November 30 , 2019

Reception: Thursday, November 7, 2019, 7-9 pm

Artworks by Tara Cress

About the Exhibition: 

Lines suggest direction, they show movement, they make up the world and together they show us the bigger picture. This show focuses on the way lines can bring emotions and textures to the forefront of a piece. The artworks of this show maintain a uniquely complex yet simple feel; an absence of colour, and of any background, are instead replaced with emphasis on the subject’s texture and juxtaposition. Fine Lines takes the viewer in to experience the visual pleasure and frustration that small, simple lines, can come together to create a complex composition. You are invited to experience this solo exhibition for the month of November, with a special opportunity to meet and speak with the artist on the first Saturday of the show: November 9th from 10-3pm.  

About the Artist:

As it’s Tara Cress’s debut solo show, she’s taking this opportunity to introduce herself as an emerging artist and showcase her artistic style to the community. She’s had a passion for drawing and painting her whole life but her style took on a profoundly different look after suffering a concussion in university and the repetitious strokes of a fine tip pen became her only source of comfort during the long recovery. After graduation, she found more time to dedicate toward her art and has been developing a body of work since. Her artistic muses range from the wildlife of North America to the large cats of the world.

"Autumn Liminality" Art Show

Main Gallery

Show Passed

Show Dates: October 6 - November 2, 2019

Reception: Friday, October 25, 2019, 7 -9 pm

Curated by Regan Jane Hayward.

Sponsored by The Wee Smoke Shop


About the Exhibition:

An art exhibition exploring the threshold of mystery worlds that interrupt familiar reality  

Come and take the tour of the alternate realm at Beaux Arts in October 2019. Explore a surreal world full of alternate reality playgrounds via artist’s paintings, illustrations, cartoons, photography, drawings and digital media.

As we reach the moment in time between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice and our eyes look for a future and our minds linger on the past, we feel our arrival into the month of October. We welcome the harvest season and prepare for the start of the darker half of the year, at Halloween. We prepare to embrace the fuzzy monsters and goblins, we watch for friendly and frightening ghosts, willingly seeking out the stories of unusual galaxies and salute those stories of the other worldly kind!

Autumn Liminality Art show takes us over an edge where the usual identity disintegrates, and the dark and light parts of the in-between are seen. Freely wander along the gallery space with no linear offerings other than the visual artistry of fantasy that invites internal consideration and connection to all that is different. Explore, discover and build the next-level story yourself. Meet other people there, hold space in the selfie backgrounds, engage in the storytelling about the crossing of dimensions and feel the arrival of the future with no more time to look back.

Exhibiting Artists: 

Amanda Bhika, April Bhamra, Carrie Campbell, Christi Anne Abraham, Christopher Harms, Connie Munson, Enrique Bravo, Evan MacKinnon, Gabriella Tersigni, Gail Burstyn, Gisele Boileau, H. Christa Zimmer, Josephine Condotta, Kayleigh Allen, Kyle Langlois, Leah Margaret Borges, Mehtaab Wachhair, Michael Brennan, Michelle Winters, Monica Burnside, Parwinder Kainth, Pat Tadier, Rupinder Kainth, Shawn Duarte.

Tree Honouring

Cove Gallery

Show Passed

Show Dates:  October 9 - November 2 , 2019

Reception: Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 7-9 pm

Artworks by Sana Ahmed

About the Exhibition: 

Artist/Photographer Sana Ahmed brings dead urban trees back to life with a mix of photography and acrylic ink to honour the trees that died from extreme weather events and invasive species.

Tree Honouring expresses Sana's deep love for trees and her hope to raise awareness of the need for tree conservation and restoration.

About the Artist:

Sana Ahmed is an award-winning local artist/photographer who loves to photograph trees.

Sana has exhibited her artwork in shows across the GTA, including the 92nd Annual Exhibition of Photography at the University of Toronto Hart House, where she won the William J. Dowkes Award in the nature category. In 2016, Sana held her first solo show for her project Ambivalence: A series of self-portraits at the Crossroads Gallery at York University. In 2019, Sana exhibited two pieces of Tree Honouring in the Transitions Art Show at Beaux Arts Brampton, and won the 3rd Place Award.

For more from Sana visit:

"IN THE WILD" Art Exhibition

Main Gallery

Show Passed

Dates: August 28 - October 5, 2019

Reception: Saturday, September 7, 2019, 7 -9 pm


About the Exhibition: IN THE WILD is an art show that visually explores the impressive wildlife that we share this world with. Animals and their habitat continue to be awe-inspiring and looking at them and considering them brings us closer to nature; they remind us that, as humans we want to care about the natural world and value things beyond what we have manufactured. IN THE WILD art show calls for artists to showcase their animal and nature art and invites audiences to come and see the majestic beauty of wildlife and mother nature on display that will be sure to captivate the imagination!

About the Juror: 

Artworks chosen by Michael Pape, a self-taught award-winning Canadian Wildlife Artist, internationally recognized for his extraordinary fine art wildlife paintings and conservation efforts of animals. Michael’s artwork has been exhibited internationally in a number of highly prestigious Fine Art Museums and Shows that include the South Eastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, the Tama City Combined Cultural Center in Tokyo, Japan, and the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival in Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada. 

He has also been presented by the Japan Wildlife Centre at the Machida Municipal International Fine Arts Museum and Tama City Combined Cultural Center in Tokyo, Japan. 

Michael is also a Signature member of the prestigious Society of Animal Artists (SAA) and Artists for Conservation, whose goal is to promote education of the public through art exhibitions, informative seminars, lectures and teaching demonstrations of excellence in the artistic portrayal of the creatures sharing our planet. 

A Magical Interlude

Cove Gallery

Artworks by April Bodiam

Show Passed 

Dates: July 31 - August 24, 2019

Reception: Thursday August 8, 2019 @ 7-9pm

About Exhibition: A Magical Interlude is a moment in time, presenting works that are inspired by nature and spirituality. An eclectic mix of abstract art using various techniques, mediums and colour is sure to intrigue the observer and perhaps give them an opportunity to connect deeper within themselves.


About the Artist: April Bodiam starting with drawing and painting as a little girl, painting figurines for her family members and creating sculptures and abstract paintings in high school.  As an adult, she finds peace in painting abstract paintings.  It brings her great joy to share these creations with you.  April uses many different mediums, such as gesso, acrylics, oils and metallics. Painting is a fluid experience often depending on her mood and inspiration.  April has many styles of abstract painting, depending on what is calling her.  The paintings manifest through her as natural as the flow of water down a stream.

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