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12th  Annual Open Juried  Fine Art  Show 

Award  Winners

Winners as determined by juror, Lynne Schumacher.

Awards presented by curator, Regan Jane Hayward. 


1st Place:

"You are drawn into the series as she prepares to paint, we have all been there. A glimpse into her preparation from her thoughts to gathering her supplies. I am inspired by the bold colors used to make me fascinated by the story, and to produce a feeling of humbling experience inspires me."

- Lynne Schumacher

“It's Time”
Carey Alvez
48" x 12”

2nd Place:


"This elephant that encompasses the canvas needs nothing but the texture and palette of color to express a calm to a rather large animal. His eyes looking back at you express a calmness to engage the viewer to pause and reflect."

- Lynne Scumacher

Paulina Zaborska
60" x 30”

3rd Place:


"This painting reminds me of the way Durer handled light to set a mood soft and dreamy. I’m impressed by the color that surrounds her hand and face. A play on texture sets a mood that frames her face."

- Lynne Schumacher

“The Calling”
Carey Alvez
13" x 20”

Honourable Mention:


"I’m drawn into this girl by a unique story of mystic force. The sophisticated composition of lovely colors draws you into another world. A journey or odyssey of a cultural image."

- Lynne Schumacher

Khaula Mazhar
16" x 12”

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