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"In The Wild" Art Show  Award  Winners

Winners as determined by juror, Michael Pape.

Awards presented by curator, Regan Jane Hayward. 

1st Place:

Entry#1 Tiina Salo-Devries, Hide and see

Artist Statement

In the wild nature, it is very important to have an instinct to hide and seek. Living creatures have to hide from enemies and find food, shelter and partner. Hide and seek is a matter of surviving. As a human, observing the nature is very interesting but also amusing. We are often reflecting animals behaviour to our own. We are finding similarities and differences. ”Hide and Seek” is a children's game and butterflies are doing that with a human watcher. Sometimes it looks like insects are playing games with each others as well.

We could also ask: ”What is hidden?”; and ”What should and could be found?”.

“Hide and Seek”
Tiina Salo-Devries
12" x 12”

2nd Place:

Malayan Horned Frog.jpg

Artist Statement

The Majestic Toad and Frog series were created to inspire and remind people of these beautiful little creatures and how precious they are to the world. Both frogs and toads are indicator species, which means their presence or lack there of indicates the health of an ecosystem. They can take in water and oxygen through their skin and if the water is polluted they can no longer reproduce and are forced to relocate or perish. If we love these little guys we will protect them, and to do so we must take care of the water they live in, which will be a greater good for all life, and future generations. My ultimate goal as an artist is to inspire people to take better care of themselves, each other, the animals, and to take better care of the one and only habitat we all share. 

"Malayan Long Nosed Horned Frog”
Kyle Langlois
3" x 4”

3rd Place:


Artist Statement

I fell in love with Sea Otters before I even saw one. I was inspired by who they were, their former plight, and the sweetness or their caring for their young. We included a side trip while on vacation to Morro Bay California to photograph them in their habitat. I choose various elements from a number of shots I had taken to achieve my final vision.

As a self-taught artist I feel that a diversity in subject matter teaches me new techniques as I master mixing colour and blending them in a consistent manner, required for my large format painting.

I feel peace when I look at this sleeping mother sea otter and see her own peace as she rests from feeding her young.

“Sea Otter, Morro Bay California”
Christine Boylan
48" x 48”

Honourable Mention:


Artist Statement

"My paintings, which are done in series, are an attempt to show beautiful locations whose natural integrity has either been altered by human intervention or is about to be. What is the cost of our imposition on the virginal status of these lands and the inhabitants therein?” As I travel through an area I am going to paint, I use my camera and sketch pad to capture the many, many images that have caught my eye. In my studio, I sort out the visual documentation I have collected to decide which images will become my paintings. Rock shapes, water in motion or animals are primary subject material. My works are usually done in a series as if one is following a path or making a journey. The intended impact on the audience is to give them a sense of what it would be like to experience the location themselves. My aim is to offer a compelling intersection between the literal landscape and the landscape of the heart.

“Moose and Calf in Early Morning, Algonquin Park, ON.”
Carole Finn
48" x 36”

Photographs courtesy of Catalfamo Studio.

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