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About the Exhibition: 

Nature calls to each of us in her own unique way; whether it be through the rustling of trees in the wind, the sound of pattering from the rain, or the cries of the animal seeking to communicate, all of us stand in awe at the power and majesty of the natural world.​

For its next show, In Awe of Nature, Beaux Arts is looking for artists who have heard this call and have captured nature’s feral and fae beauty in their artworks.​

With COVID restrictions becoming lighter, and the restless animals within us all abound through the world, Beaux Arts wishes to see the scenes of nature that call to you, that invoke the intrinsic need to run, and enrapture your most basic instincts.​

This show will be an expression of the natural world in all its beauty, encompassing places, animals, and environments that invoke the primal connection that tethers us all to this wonderful and wild earth

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