Our History

Beaux-Arts Brampton (B.A.B.) is a non-profit artist-run centre that proudly opened its doors on April 25, 2002, after months of volunteer labour on an empty, neglected building on Brampton's Main Street. 

Our Story

Emerging from the Brampton Art Council, B.A.B  was founded by a group of individuals looking for a space where members of our artistic community could gather to create, discuss, and appreciate the visual arts in Brampton. 

Though our gallery spaces rest at the core of our organization, B.A.B. has ventured beyond the visual arts. Under the guidance of Reagan Hayward, B.A.B. new executive director, the centre has engaged with a wide range of creatives, from painters to poets. 
Today Beaux-Arts Brampton stands proudly as a pillar of the arts community in Brampton, operating and growing for fifteen years.  



Our Building
Beaux-arts Brampton comprises two spacious art galleries, a unique gift shop, a well-equipped workshop, and eight artist studios functioning within the creative economy. 

Beaux-art Brampton is located in the Robson Block Building in Downtown Brampton. Completed in 1927, the Robson Block comprises both the original building and later extension added by the Robson family.

Robert Robson constructed the building to house one of Brampton’s first grocery store chains. This building’s simple yet functional layout, in addition to its elegant high ceilings is an excellent example of some of the architecture of the early 20th Century.
Today the building is home to Beaux-Art Brampton and serves as an inviting space for our members and artistic audience.