Current Exhibition


About the Exhibition: 


With the return of the Holiday season, we find our world surrounded with twinkling lights, warm beverages and sentiments, and merry evenings with family and friends. COVID-19 has quieted our cities and homes the last two years, but the togetherness is now brimming!


We invite our audience members to shop for original artworks this holiday season created by our members. Let us enrich your homes during these upcoming festivities and add beauty to your sacred spaces for the approaching year!


Exhibiting Artists: April Bhamra, Helen Duplaisse, H. Christa Zimmer, Peter Ochal, Kulpreet Rana, Tara Cress, Jasmine Rock, Methaab Wachhair, Rachel Raven, Dale Boyd, Josephine Condotta, Sarah Terrill, Carrie Campbell, Mary Perkins, Gisele Boileau

Please feel free to email the gallery directly with your interest to purchase at