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Untitled Reality - A Journey with Abstract Art

July 27, 2022 - August 27, 2022
Untitled Reality - A Journey with Abstract Art

About the Exhibition:

One of the many goals of the Arts is to speculate on human experience, to explore what it means, and convey it to those also on a creative journey.

But how do we conceptualize, create, and capture the essence of something in our reality, and materialize it in some else's?  The pursuit of this is especially stimulating for the abstract artist, who uses art to present their internal ideas that grow from their experience of everyday reality.

Presented with equal parts wonder and curiosity, Beaux Arts brings to you Untitled Reality, the first ever solely abstract art exhibition held in the Gallery, for you to explore.

Exhibiting Artists: April Bodiam, Angela Erskine, Brenda McCafferty, Diane Dobson-Smith, Gabriel George, Jasmine Rock, Lena Sarda, Meena Chopra, Mehtaab Wachhair, Monica Burnside, Pardis Aliabarkhani, Raha Fard, Sarah Terrill, Suny Jacob, Tajinder Parhar, Taruna Singh.

Please email the gallery directly at, with your interest to purchase any artworks.

3D Exhibition Tour

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