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Perception Digital Art Exhibition

June 8, 2022 - July 2, 2022
Perception Digital Art Exhibition

About the Exhibition:

The Digital world has been a constant in our lives in these last years. Regardless of where you’ve physically been, we’ve all adapted to living a part of our lives in these spaces in unprecedented ways, as the world evolves to deal with changes, so to do the ways we interact with it.

Art, like all human pursuits, evolves with the people who pursue it. From finger paintings of a child to a master’s still life drawings. We advance with our understanding of the world as reflected in the art we create and so we embark toward embracing Digital art: the technique of painting with pixels of light, as one of the newer forms of the ever evolving human need to understand and expand our world of creativity!

Come and explore the creations behind this newest practice in PERCEPTION Digital Art Exhibition, with works that embody the pursuit of this contemporary artistic discipline and illustrate the evolving world from a digital, visual perspective.

Exhibiting Artists: Bobby Kumar, Diane Dobson-Smith, Kalila Carter, Kristen Allicock, Marco Marin, Mark Saldanha, Meena Chopra, Pauline De Four, Rachel Raven, Tone Bailey.

Please email the gallery directly at, with your interest to purchase any artworks.

3D Exhibition Tour

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