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New Member's Art Exhibition

August 31, 2022 - October 15, 2022
New Member's Art Exhibition

About the Exhibition:

Every year Beaux Arts Brampton grows in new, and sometimes, unforeseen exciting ways. This year, we saw an influx of new members, and so we invited our new emerging member artists to showcase their work for our newest show New Member’s Art Exhibition.

Now Beaux Arts invites you, our wonderful art observers, to join in on our celebration of our newly minted members as we display their debut work as a member of our collective.

Exhibiting Artists: Aditi Kashyap, Anita Pietras, Frank Myers, Glen Jones, Kim Chase, Kishor Sonawane, Kristen Allicock, Kulwant Singh Bhullar, Pardis Aliakbarkhani, Philip Brink, Ryan Thompson.

Please email the gallery directly at, with your interest to purchase any artworks.

3D Exhibition Tour

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