Call for Submissions

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Every one of us has a world of beauty inside, and the ability to find beauty in the world outside.

During these unprecedented times of hardship, as we all live and learn to cope with restrictions on our lives due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Beaux Arts is seeking artworks whereby artists are capturing their interpretation of all that is beautiful still.

The things of beauty we seek can be found within our homes, our relationships, our neighbourhoods, our new ways of connecting and the steadfastness of mother-nature outside our windows.

This show seeks art on all subjects, that can catch the eye and soothe our sensory stressors from this pandemic.

Audiences are invited to enter in and reflect on the artist’s interpretation of the BEAUTY that remains all around us despite all the fear. The artworks on display will provide points of light into the lives of its viewers, as we reach the one-year anniversary of our pandemic isolation.

Beaux Arts seeks artworks that can help nourish and remind us that beauty around us remains!

Please note: show format subject to change (depending on government regulations) also know that, when all live-operations are allowed, that art show tickets will be available through Eventbrite closer to the event date. Thank you for understanding during this pandemic