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About the Exhibition: 

Art has long been known to be a wellspring of secrets, imagery that is not always meant to be known at first sight, a thing hidden from the plain view of others. Such things beckon the attention, provoking curiosity, a desire to gaze longer at the artworks, to know more about the subject’s intention that is not readily shared.

What about the secrets we all know, the ones that come into collective sight, about all the various subjects and circumstances that are raising collective consciousness. What about the secrets in our sight, the ones we received an invitation to, the ones we may have or not, taken part in, to commune with those wild spirits that call to us and resonate with us for special reasons; the secrets we endeavour toward, only to return to our sequestered silence and take up that secret oath.

The people, places, and things that we recognize yet, remain hidden or unacknowledged in the sight of those who stand apart. These secrets that lie in plain sight are what Beaux Arts Brampton now searches for its next exhibition, Sightful Secrets Summer 2021 Art Exhibition.

 Sightful Secrets is a two-part show that will run throughout the summer. Round 1 has been extended to conclude July 31st. More details about round 2 will be available in the weeks ahead once the board of directors have decisions made BASED on government directives on Covid-19.


About the Exhibition: 

Visual Arts of South Asia (VASA) – Arts Festival an initiative by Arts & Culture of South Asia (ACISA) was launched in 2017 to introduce the unique flavour of South Asian art to art enthusiasts in Canada by showcasing South Asian influenced art created by Canadian artists from different cultures. The event showcases South Asian arts & culture as it has evolved in this country and integrated with Canadian values. VASA’s aim is to bring this vibrant art and culture to the Canadian mainstream.

Each year VASA puts together Colours of South Asia – a curated exhibition giving amateur, emerging and professional artists an opportunity to showcase their talent. Last year due to the COVID pandemic, VASA had to pivot its annual in person programming of exhibition, workshops and community art project to a virtual exhibition and workshops for the first time. Following the huge success of last year, VASA – Arts Festival is once again holding its visual arts expo online, with a new theme – “HORIZONS OF HOPE”.  We invited artists to share their art that explores positive social & cultural influences narrating the transitional experiences they have had during the pandemic or artworks that show how they modified their artistic process to adapt to the current new reality.

We have received an overwhelming response from many local, regional and national artists. There are over 35 artists participating and over 55 artworks in the virtual exhibition. You can take a guided tour of the virtual gallery or browse at leisure and be enthralled by some of the intricately detailed wildlife paintings, the stylized portraits, be inspired by the creative compositions and the colourful landscapes.

Beaux Arts is a proud supporting art partner of VASA