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Leaps & Bounds 2020 Art Exhibition

Main and Cove Galleries

Show Dates: February 12 - March 14, 2020

Reception: February 13, 2020, 7 -9 pm

Curated By: Regan Jane Hayward


About the Exhibition: 

Growth will create feelings that flutter, it can melt your long-held beliefs like butter, creating butterfly moods and clutter yet somehow, we recognize the creation that comes that signals the breadth of new visions and new understandings.

As we close a decade and welcome another, growing through what we
have gone through, it can lead us forward in leaps and bounds.

Exhibiting Artists:

Amanda Bhikha, Amanda Busby, Andrea Nechita, Annie Coshy, Annie Pelletier, April Bhamra, Beverly Simpson, Carrie Campbell, Cheryl Daniells, Christa Zimmer, Connie Munson, Craig Mainprize, David De Marchi, Elena Gaevskaya, Francis Philip Reale, Frank Myers, Gisele Boileau, Iuliana Barbu, Jasmine Rock, Jason Bomers, Jessica Archer, Jordan Joseph, Josephine Condotta, Kevin Birmingham, Kulpreet Rana, MaryLou Hurley, Meena Chopra, Michael Brennan, Monique Campbell, Pat Tadier, Pauline De Four, Richa, Ruchi Soni, Sam Catalfamo, Sayeh Dastgheib-Behesti, Simone Collins, Tara Cress, Victoria Martin, Vineesh Kumar, Wayne Elliot.

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