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In the Wild 2019

Inside The Vault, we revisit  In The Wild 2019. 

Animals and Mother Nature continue to be awe-inspiring and looking at them and considering them brings us closer to nature; they remind us that, as humans we want to care about the natural world and value things beyond what we have manufactured.

IN THE WILD, an art show that visually explores the impressive wildlife that we share this world with showcases wildlife and their natural habitat while inviting audiences to see the majestic beauty of them on display.  We present this profound exhibit curated by Regan Hayward, with work from artists: Carole Finn, Christine Boylan, Claudia Iorio, Diya Gill, Gisele Boileau, Jesse Strong, Kelly McNeil, Kyle Langlois, Larissa Monique Hauck, Linda Chen, Lynne Schumacher, Monica Burnside, Nathan Cole, Pauline De Four, Peter Cheung, Rachel Raven, Tara Cress, Tiina Salo-Devries, and Todd Jamieson. 

About The Juror: Michael Pape is a self-taught award-winning Canadian Wildlife Artist, internationally recognized for his extraordinary fine art wildlife paintings and conservation efforts of animals. Michael’s artwork has been exhibited internationally in a number of highly prestigious Fine Art Museums and Shows that include the South Eastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, the Tama City Combined Cultural Center in Tokyo, Japan, and the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival in Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada.

He has also been presented by the Japan Wildlife Centre at the Machida Municipal International Fine Arts Museum and Tama City Combined Cultural Center in Tokyo, Japan. ​

Michael is also a Signature member of the prestigious Society of Animal Artists (SAA) and Artists for Conservation, whose goal is to promote education of the public through art exhibitions, informative seminars, lectures and teaching demonstrations of excellence in the artistic portrayal of the creatures sharing our planet. 

Find the artist steements from our award winners here

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