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Inside the Vault

Beaux Arts

City Spaces Cultural Places 2018

Inside The Vault: City Spaces Cultural Places ,

As we approach Canada’s 153rd birthday we reflect on the positive message about how we as a cultural people can help bring each other through stressful times. City Spaces and Cultural Places seeks to remind us that we have built our lives around and within our cities’ limits. Restricted now we long for public engagement opportunities that will no doubt have a new and improved understanding, and compassion for each other. We hope you enjoy this presentation of works by artists Prabha Madhavan, Navkiran Bhullar, Cynthia Hartzenberg, Josephine Condotta, Alba Lanni Parmentola, Christy Michalak, Amanda Coffey, Yvonne Westover, Rushali Desai, Christine Boylan, curated by Regan Hayward

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