Beaux Arts

Transitions 2019

Inside The Vault: Transitions 2019,

Visual art of all subject matters, that explore the process or periods of change that people, places and/or things undergo when transitioning from one condition to another.. During sunshine and sunset, as we live through the different seasons that we know to expect or when we experience a personal change, moving from one state to another, a type of productive and dynamic disruption takes place. We present this retrospective showcase of work from exhibiting artists: Amanda Bhika, Annie Pelletier, April Bhamra, Ava Seth, Betty Drebot, Carrie Campbell, Connie Munson, Cynthia Hartzenberg, Gisele Boileau, H. Christa Zimmer, Helen Duplassie, Jamie Mace, Jane Baran, Jasmine Rock, Josephine Condotta, Kulpreet Rana, Leah Borges, Michael Brennan, Nasim Abeaian, Pat Tadier, Peter Cheung, Sam Catalfamo, Sana Ahmed, Tara Cress, and Yesenia Rodriguez

Curated By: Regan Hayward.


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