Arts  Adminstration Team

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Regan Hayward

Managing Director and Art Curator

Regan Jane Hayward is an art director/curator/consultant, specializing in interdisciplinary collaboration with artists and creatives, who share a vision to explore historical and/or contemporary cultural subjects. Regan is a graduate of OCAD University Curatorial Development, Criticism & Design and Ryerson University Arts & Entertainment Management Program and continues her academia with the University of Toronto in Art History and Cultural Studies. Regan is a former staff member of the Brampton Arts Council, currently serves as Gallery Chair for Headwaters Arts at The Alton Mill Arts Centre in Caledon and is a proud member of Curators International in New York City, USA. Regan possess' a dedicated passion for the arts, the creative industries, and the evolving art markets in Canada and across the globe.  She brings her years of experience, education, and innate enthusiasm to her Managing Director role at Beaux Arts Brampton.

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Jennyfer Sanchez

Operations Manager

Jennyfer Sanchez is no stranger in the world of art-tainment; combining art, culture, tech, and entertainment. With over a decade of hands-on experience spanning across the broader industry streams, Jennyfer understands the high value of operational management. A woman of ideas, and a keen interest in new business development, she has worked in multi-leveled national and international campaigns. Whether it is at the Olympics, a grassroots non-profit, or in private ventures, Jennyfer can be found championing innovation and better processes. Her Honours Degree in Sociology from the University of Ottawa is the backbone to her forecasting intuition. She is looking forward to leading Beaux Arts Brampton in to the post-pandemic new world. Plan, prepare, play, is her motto.

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Christina Da Graca

Gallery Coordinator

Christina Da Graca is an aspiring visual artist, and designer who explores a wide range of mediums. Being highly imaginative, her work is a teetering balance between nature and fantasy as she loves to use her art as an exploration of “what ifs”. Much like Alice, she views life as Wonderland. She is presently majoring in Advertising and minoring in Material Arts and Design at Ontario College of Art and Design. She hopes to one day unite her skills as a tool to enhance her art practise. Christina also has a love for art history and is enthusiastic about enhancing the art community in Brampton, believing in the great pool of talent here. Working at Beaux Arts is a great launching point for her to get knowledgeable about the arts and culture community in Brampton. She is thrilled to be in a position where her love and passion for art is shared and is committed to spreading this passion to those she encounters.


Josephine Condotta

Gallery Committee Co-Chair

Josephine Condotta is dedicated to creating artworks with purpose and character. Her paintings are centred around the concept of identity; depicted through the infusion of reused materials, ethereal forms, and emotionally charged abstract elements. 

Josephine has an HBA in Visual Arts from McMaster University and an Interior Decorating Diploma from Humber College. She is excited to bring her knowledge and skills of space planning and decor to the exhibition hanging team within the Gallery Committee at Beaux Arts!

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Tyler Andrews

Gallery Committee  Co-Chair

Tyler Andrews is a young, emerging arts administrator who is currently engaged across multiple creative organizations and groups. The former Gallery Coordinator for Beaux Arts Brampton, turned Director of Membership and Volunteers is also the curatorial intern of Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre. Creating unique exhibition for their space, co-chairing the Gallery Committee which organizes, creates, and produces new and staple exhibitions for Beaux Arts. Tyler has also happily dived into his postgraduate program in Arts Administration and Cultural Management at Humber College and hopes to continue to bring his knowledge and experience to the committee table.


Carrie Campbell

Gallery Committee Member

Carrie Campbell is a visual artist who works mainly in mixed media creating pieces made of a variety of mediums. Raised in Queens, New York, highly influenced by street art and various cultures she was recruited at age 15 into a NYS Studio Art Program. Carrie holds an art diploma with honours from Stratford Institute, a member of International Council for Open Distance and Education. Her subject matter focuses mainly on the growth of women and families after struggle, as well as her personal favourite topics of culture and love. Using her work, she aims to present her own feelings and tenderness, vulnerability, and undying resilience. She has exhibited work at various shows and venues in Brampton, and also has artwork on permanent public displays inside women's centres within her resident city. As part of. a community fostering initiative, she is the lead art instructor of various art & wellness programs, which promote themes of positivity amongst residents of the region. 

A member of Beaux Arts Gallery Committee. Carrie works with other members of our collective on various tasks, including brainstorming and implementing ideas surrounding social and community engagement.


Jasmine Rock

Gallery Committee Member

Jasmine Rock is an emerging Brampton artist, creating abstract acrylic paintings. Her work focuses on the elements and principles of art, particularly texture and colour.

She is a graduate of York University & Sheridan College's joint Graphic Design program and contributes her creative and administrative skills to the Gallery Committee.


Tara Cress

Gallery Committee Member

Tara Cress is inspired by wildlife and brings emotion to the forefront in her striking work. Capturing the essence of animals through detailed, pen and ink drawings; encouraging the viewer to reconsider the meaning of contemporary wildlife art.

Tara has a polished and detail-oriented approach to her artistic practice and seeks to contribute to the Gallery Committee's role in creating and executing quality exhibitions at Beaux Arts.