Creative Space Rentals


Beaux Arts Gallery is currently looking for exhibition proposals from artist collectives, individual artists and groups for the 2022 calendar year. 

All proposals are subject to review by the Gallery Committee and must include a completed curatorial intake form found below.

Proposal shows run for a 3 or 4 week period and artworks are subject to a commission fee if sold within the duration of the show.  The gallery charges a rental fee, but encourages artists and groups to seek out project grants from government and art funding agencies to help cover all or some of the costs.

Our Main Gallery exhibition space is now located at 16 Queen St. E., in downtown Brampton.

The Main Gallery

This space is suitable for small to medium sized art exhibitions, panel discussions, artist talks, receptions and more.  The Main Gallery can accommodate up to 20 people seated and 40 people standing. 

Groups and individual artists are required to sit the gallery space every Saturday during the duration of their show, but the staff members will be responsible for opening and closing the gallery.  Show advertisements for social media and the website are required at least two weeks prior to the exhibition intake date, and the Marquee Poster is the responsibility of the renter to provide on the day of intake. If your exhibition includes sculptural works, be sure to provide any display details within the curatorial intake form.  Receptions for all art exhibitions are on the first Thursday from 7-10pm or the first Saturday from 12-3pm of the exhibition.  

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