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Sedulous Selfie 2017

This week, inside  The Vault,

Sedulous Selfie is an artistic exploration of living in the time of the "selfie", and the presentation of each individual’s exploration of their own inner art. This collection of ideas, colours and influences collate into the wondrous truth of individual artworks we view as a social phenomenon of the every day. With careful yet diligent perseverance, contemporary artists will display their self-portrait and cinematic self-story of creative expression honing and refining what it means to be “the selfie” created by their lives, captured in a moment forever. Illustrating their self-reflecting viewpoint, and taking the audience deeper than just the surface, down to the very core of their artistic self(ie).

Curated By Regan Hayward. Sponsored by The Downtown Brampton BIA

This show was featured across various news media platforms including the Brampton Guardian, the Cambridge Times, and the Artists Fine Art Gallery.


We hope you enjoy the reflection of this beloved show and experience, from back in 2017 as we share the beautiful work of artists: Robert Quance, Delroy Gordon, Kayleigh Allen, Josephine Condotta, Edward Moffat, Nicholas Lascot, Semone Rajkumar, Carolyn Scanlan, Shannon Christie, April Bhamra, Regan Hayward

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