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"Autumn Liminality" Art Show  Award  Winners

Awards presented by curator, Regan Jane Hayward. 

1st Place:


Artist Statement

Walk into the depths of the internal mind where the driving forces of our personalities reside. They are what inspires us, motivates us, and captivates us. Yet they are also what traps us, isolates us, and destroys us. They are the gods and monsters that control our actions and thoughts.  They are one in the same. They are we. Both are equally destructive as inspiring.  Turn to the gods with the same degree of caution as the monsters. Turn to the monsters with the same degree of hope as the gods. Do not try to categorize, suppress or control them as that is the root of internal chaos. Allow yourself to let go. As our creative energy is released from our minds and flow into the universe like flowing locks, let go and submerge into the melancholic trance of the vivid sensory experience. 

April Bhamra
30" x 36”

2nd Place:


Artist Statement

Each Pharaoh was said to be the living version of the Sky King.  Conceived after the divine resurrection of his father Osiris by his mother Isis’ powers, Horus, ruler and protector of all of Egypt, was believed to have charge of the sky, and possession of the sun in his right eye while the moon in his left. It was said that when he took the shape of a falcon, and traveled across the sky, the sun and moon would transition as well.

"The Sky King”
Carrie Campbell

18" x 36”

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