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People's Choice  Awards
- In Awe of Nature -

Kay Gregg 'Big Cedar in the Air' 30x30

Kay Gregg Big Cedar in the Air Oil on Canvas 30x30

Gabrielle Tutak 'Joshua Creek Gardens'

Gabrielle Tutak Joshua Creek Gardens Oil on Canvas 30x40

Mary Perkins 'A Ways, Away'

Mary Perkins A Ways, Away Oil on Canvas 12x12

Dana Pasila 'Kelp Forest'

Dana Pasila Kelp Forest Oil on Wood Panel 20x20

Moez Murji 'Water Series-001-Ripples'

Moez Murji Water Series 001 Ripples Acrylic on Canvas 20x40

Huan Chen 'Tree'

Huan Chen Tree Oil on Canvas 40x40

Monica Burnside 'Yellow Hat'

Monica Burnside Yellow Hat Oil on Canvas 12x16

Vincent Manganiello 'Cloudy Day at Wassaga Beach'

Vincent Manganiello Cloudy Day at Wassaga Beach Oil on Canvas 40x30

Peter Ochael 'Sky Dance'

Peter Ochal Sky Dance Acrylic and Alkyd on Canvas 30x40

Claudia Iorio 'Whisper'

Claudia Iorio Whisper Pastel 24x16

Ashley Biddiscombe 'With the Tide'

Ashley Biddiscombe With the Tide Photography on Canvas 16x20

Vineesh Kumar 'REFUGEES-1'

Vineesh Kumar REFUGEES-1 Oil on Canvas 30x40

Del Foxton 'Once in a Blue Moon' 16x16x1.5

Del Foxton Once in a Blue Moon 16x16 Artist hand made paper

April Bodiam 'Hidden Teachings'

April Bodiam Hidden Teachings 36x48 Mixed Media on Canvas

E. Connie Munson 'Autumn Fields'

E. Connie Munson Autumn Fields 20x16 Digital Photograph, Canvas print

Diya Gill 'Yet the Moon Shines Brighter'

Diya Gill Yet the Moon Shines Brighter 18x20 Digital photograph, Framed

Mathias Chau 'To Find Home'

Mathias Chau To Find Home 60x48 Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas

Beverly Simpson 'Lost in Thought' 16x20

Beverly Simpson Lost in Thought 16x20 Oil on Wood panel

Tabinda Khan 'Those Who Belong Live Among Us'

Tabinda Khan Those Who Belong Live Among Us Photography on Canvas 20x16

Carol Hughes 'Wetland Wonder'

Carol Hughes Wetland Wonder Watercolour 37x25

Frank Myers 'Nature Calls'

Frank Myers Natural Calls Photography on Archival Paper 23x23

Timothy Story 'Tranquil Pond'

Timothy Story Tranquil Pond Photography Print 27x37

Kulpreet Rana 'Promised Lake'

Kulpreet Rana Promised Lake Mixed Media on paper 7x9

Rachel Raven 'Procyon'

Rachel Raven Procyon Digital Painting 18x9

Brenda Maccafferty 'Uplift'

Brenda Maccafferty Uplift Acrylic on Canvas 24x36

Janine Minor 'Self Levelling'

Janine Minor Self Levelling Encaustic Wax 12x16

Christa Zimmer 'The Fishing Lake'

Christa Zimmer The Fishing Lake Acrylic on Canvas 36x24

Jesse Strong 'Blue Jay in Springtime'

Jesse Strong Blue Jay in Springtime Pastels 17x21

David French 'Silent Reflection'

David French Silent Reflection Acrylic 16x20

Melissa Kristensen Smith 'Take Flight'

Melissa Kristensen Smith Take Flight Photography on reclaimed wood 31x31

Brenda Morris 'Contemplation'

Brenda Morris Contemplation Acrylic 20x16

Neetu Singh 'Pride'

Neetu Singh Pride Acrylic 40x30

Tiina Salo Devries 'Blooming Under the Pressure'

Tiina Salo Devries Blooming Under the Pressure Acrylic on Canvas 16x20

Josephine Condotta 'Solid Footing'

Josephine Condotta Solid Footing Found Object Sculpture 10x10

Helen Duplassie 'Cabin Sunset'

Helen Duplassie Cabin Sunset Oil on canvas 16x20

Christina Da Graca 'Sweet Dreams'

Christina Da Graca Sweet Dreams Digital Photography Framed 19x13

Maribel Almeida Galvao

Maribel Almeida Galvao Garden Fusion Oil on Canvas 20x20

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