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"Holding Space with Photographic Grace" Contact Photography Festival  Award  Winners

Winners as determined by juror, Fausta Facciponte.

Awards presented by curator, Regan Jane Hayward. 

1st Place:

entry 2.jpg

"The Boat House by Glen Jones engages with the idea of holding space with photographic grace through a man-made structure that appears both abstract and real. The artist uses line, composition, framing, and proportion as a means of visual expression. I find emotion in the proportions and framing, I find pleasure in the symmetry, and I find safety in the circles. I enjoy the richness of this work and the calculated composition that suggests a careful observation that comes from an artist who understanding their subject. "

- Fausta Facciponte

“The Boat House”
Glen Jones
30" x 32”

2nd Place:

entry 1.jpg

"In Field of Dreams by Karen Weller, the artist captures grace between the man-made structure and the natural setting. In this work straight lines merge seamlessly into flowing lines and they all play into the sleepy eye of the working horse. In addition, I love the way this work captures a graceful stillness and coldness that could be rooted in the Canadian landscape."

- Fausta Facciponte

“Field of Dreams”
Karen Weiler
28" x 16”

3rd Place:

Grand Bend Beach sm.jpg

"In Grand Bend Beach by Rita Villis there is a great rhythm in a fragile and unbroken line in the landscape. The line is seductive and catches the viewer’s eye so that it loops around the composition again and again. The proportions of this work are just right; they create a natural flow and elegance that moves in harmony with the line."

- Fausta Facciponte

“Grand Bend Beach”
Rita Vilis
33" x 18.5”

Honourable Mention:


"I love the impulse of this photograph. Its dark and mysterious but there is a playful punch in the rich candy box colors. The colors really heighten the emotion and drama and there is psychological underside embedded in the work."

- Fausta Facciponte

“Distillery Lights”
Heather Victory
24" x 16”

Honourable Mention:

FMyers entry 1 End of a Long Day.jpg

"I’m drawn to the way this work engages with the relationship between the figures and the buildings. There is something uncanny about the upright figures against the backdrop of the cityscape and the work brings into question the individual identity within the urban fabric. I think the artist has captured that by the way the figures appear to be fused into one mass."

- Fausta Facciponte

“End of a Long Day”
Frank Myers 
20" x 17”

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