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Art Salons

hosted by
Regan Jane Hayward

Sat., March 12, 2022

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About the Event

Historically, Art Salons served as the way to display visual art in exhibition style. In 16th Century the Salon was the official “exhibition” of the graduates of Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, to showcase their work for aristocratic patrons.

However, by the late 18th Century, the supply of practicing artists grew in numbers and the style of art being made, was changing radically. New groups of artists whose progress was based on ability and talent rather than on class or wealth, coordinated and commenced advancement with equal opportunity to showcase their work, and alternative art salons began to spring up throughout France.

The 19th Century Art Salons were known to showcase assortment of works that captured the artistic spirit of the moment and the salons became the breeding ground for Enlightenment in thought as they demonstrated that appreciating culture, specifically art, extended beyond the elite classes.

As the desire for enriched cultural engagement grew, many new patrons began to frequent the Art Salons visited by all types of art collectors, curators, art dealers, along with intellectuals and most notably the rising middle class.

Today, in this modern moment, Beaux Arts Brampton Art Salon’s are a spring board idea, after a post-lockdown life experience, to gather safely (ticketed only events with limited numbers available) and engage with Art and Conversation about Art & Culture, that is certain to be as unique as Brampton itself.

A Special-Introductory offer for participation is: Free for Beaux Arts Artist Membership and a $20 ticket fee for non-members. In the gallery at 16 Queen Street East, downtown Brampton. Register to attend the launch of Beaux Arts Brampton Art Salon’s today!

Regan Jane Hayward

Facilitated by the inspiring host, Regan Jane Hayward, an interdisciplinary curator, during your Art Salon experience, amusement and increase in knowledge through conversation takes place!

Regan Jane Hayward specializes in curatorial development and cultural arts management; a graduate of OCADU and Ryerson with on-going academic studies at University of Toronto and holds membership with the Independent Curators Network in New York City. Regan serves as the Executive Director for Beaux Arts Gallery Downtown Brampton, is the Gallery Chair for Headwaters Arts at the Alton Mill Arts Centre in Caledon and is an appointed Trustee of the Board at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. Regan has a dedicated passion for the arts, artists, the creative industries and the evolving art markets in Canada and across the globe.

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