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ArtBeat Brampton is an inspirational art walk in the downtown Brampton core, showcasing local artists from Brampton.  Each artist will be paired with a downtown business, where they will display their art work for the public to participate in guided tours or self-directed tours with the help of an event map.


Beaux Arts Brampton, along with committee partners, are working to continue creating opportunities and beautify public & private spaces with art and culture.  ArtBeat is happening alongside the Taste of Brampton.

Participating Local Businesses &  Artists

Beaux Arts Brampton

70-74 Main St. North

Brampton, ON


Dolcezza Custom Cakes

71 Main St. North

Brampton, ON


Stephan's Furs

57 Main St. North

Brampton, ON


Custodio's Studio Inc.

53 Main St. North 

Brampton, ON


Studio 2018b.jpg
Karen Darling Studio

6 George St. 

Brampton, ON


Brampton Denture Clinic & Wellness Centre

13 Queen St. East

Brampton, ON


Segovia Coffee Co.

46 Main St. North 

Brampton, ON


Wendel Clark's Classic Grill and Bar

36 Main St. North 

Brampton, ON


April Bhamra


April Bhamra is a visual artist and art instructor.  She received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from York University in 2015 and has been practicing professionally since. She works mostly in acrylic paint and pen and ink. Her practice often combines the two styles by merging bold graphic lines with rich colours to capture the whimsical yet dark aura of her subjects. She is heavily inspired by a melancholic state of the internal mind and the expressions used to mask  from society.

head shot April B_edited.jpg

Amanda Busby


Amanda Busby is a mixed media artist located in Brampton, Ontario. She attended both Sheridan College and Humber College for art and graduated both programs with honours. Since then she has had her artwork on display at various galleries, and has participated in several artistic events around the GTA such as Art Battle. Her artwork primarily focuses on the female portrait and bright colours, but has been known to dabble in other mediums and subject matters.

amanda head shot.jpg

Kyle Langlois


Kyle Langlois is a Canadian born artist.  Kyle has painted countless goalie masks, guitars, tailgates, truck fenders and motorcycle tanks.   Enjoying all types of media from airbrushing, to traditional pencil and ink drawing, digital design using Photoshop, and even sculpting and casting animal figurines.  Between custom jobs Kyle would find time to create wildlife paintings and drawings, a personal pleasure of his. In 2012 Kyle, decided to purchase a Morphsuit and use it as the canvas for his next design, the morphsuitcompany fell in love with his design and asked him to create several more, that soon became the jaw dropping Morph Monster Collection.  The designs are inspired by all things horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. They reflect peoples darkest fears, phobias, and nightmares, as well as the natural inner workings of the human body.  His morphsuit designs could be seen on the 2018 semifinals of America's Got Talent, worn by acrobatics group Zurcaroh.  You may have seen his work during the Winter Olympic Games as Canadian skeleton competitor, Barrett Martineau, slid down the track in Pyeongchang sporting a helmet emblazoned with a roaring grizzly bear.  Kyle currently lives and works from his home in Brampton, Ontario.   When he is not painting and designing he enjoys spending time outdoors with his time family. 

KL Profile.jpg

Josephine Condotta


Josephine Condotta is an emerging, contemporary visual artist with an HBA in Visual Arts from McMaster University.  Her artworks explore the concept of femininity and the emotional characteristics of colour, as well as the contrast between structural and organic forms.  Josephine illustrates the complexity of character by applying countless abstract layers of colour, using various tools and substances.  Her aim is to capture an emotion and energy within every work of art. Josephine has exhibited her artworks at the The Artist Project in Toronto in 2015, the Noodle Gallery at the Alton Mills Arts Centre, and participated in several shows as a member of Beaux Arts Brampton.

head shot jo condotta.jpg

Delroy Gordon


Delroy Gordon Jr aka Del Rye is a Brampton based illustrator and graphic designer specializing in pen and ink drawings and conceptual art. He started during early childhood and has dedicated his life to the arts and self-expression. He was a Live Art Competition winner in 2017 and an active artist participant with local community initiatives and through his membership at Beaux Arts Brampton.


Dale Boyd


It’s been said that all sign painters are inventors by necessity, and when Dale Boyd was just 18 years old, he saw Becker Signs painting a trailer and he was immediately captivated. Realizing that this was professional grade work, Dale decided this style of work was something he wanted to do so he found a part-time course in continuing education that taught this quality of painting. Once he completed his studies, he got an apprenticeship at Becker Signs and it turned into employment and eventually he ended up buying the business. Some of the highlights of Dale’s sign painting career took place when he painted Airplanes for Ward Air and for Pink Panther “Think Pink” for their fleet of trailers!


Michael Brennan


Michael Brennan is an award-winning artist from Southern Ontario, Canada.  As a professional artist for over fifteen years Michael has created graphics and animations for print, internet, television and film mediums. In recent years it has given him great joy to return to the traditional mediums of drawing and painting.  He enjoys painting everything from landscapes to still life and enjoys the challenge of breathing life into portrait or figurative work.  Michael’s work creates a bridge between craftsmanship and beauty


Karen Darling


Karen L. Darling is a graduate of the Illustration program at Sheridan’s faculty of Animation, Arts & Design. She worked as a freelance illustrator for many years before turning to her current fine art focus.

Karen has been working with cold wax in her painting practice for a number of years and is published as a guest artist in a few books including ‘Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations’ by Crowell & McLaughlin, 2017.

Karen also has a line of fine art prints with Curated Kravet in New York and a line of wall murals with area Environments of Minneapolis.

Karen has lived in Bramptons downtown since 1994 and has also maintained a studio in Brampton for many years. She is currently located off of George St on Caruso lane.

KD head shot.JPG

Brona Wingell


 Broňa Wingell’s breathtaking visionary paintings celebrate and chronicle her magical experience of love, reconnecting us to the organic, the universal and the sacred, enticing us to explore, create, and share our love.

As a former professional dancer and dance teacher Broňa Wingell’s stunning paintings are intricately choreographed with beautifully fluent form and razor-sharp lines. Her artistic medium of choice is acrylic paint applied to canvas. 

Broňa’s art invokes a sense of the inter-connection between all life forms. Simply put; her paintings celebrate love while exploring various aspects of life, death, femininity, motherhood, freedom, relationships, and the sanctity of sexuality. Broňa’s paintings offer joy, peace, and harmony, sparking the imagination to dream dreams and create anew. 


Prabha Madhavan


Prabha Madhavan combines her passion for travel and painting to capture the magnificence of nature in her landscapes.  Her realistic depictions manage to bring out the depth of colour in the play of light. Her medium of choice is oils and she takes her inspiration from her travels.  She has travelled to over 41 countries and 143 cities, from the wilds of Africa to the sophistication of Paris, from the ancient wonders of Angkor Wat to the modern architectures of Dubai.  Her paintings have been exhibited in several exhibitions at the Beaux Arts Gallery and included in numerous private art collections in the US, Canada, Dubai and India.  She has also created many commissioned works of art.

She currently lives in Brampton.

prabha headshot.jpg

Regan Hayward

Curator & Coordinator


Regan Hayward is a self proclaimed professional bohemian! Educated and practiced with curatorial development in visual art, theory and writing as well as arts and entertainment management, she is the founder of "Cultured Creative" Consulting and Director for the Beaux Arts Gallery in Downtown Brampton. Be sure to connect with her during ARTBeat Brampton!