Abigail Feige


Abigail, owner of the Brampton Denture Clinic & Wellness Centre and recipient of seventeen Readers Choice Awards, has been part of the downtown community since 1972. Her goal is to enhance the artistic vibe in downtown Brampton through supporting and showcasing local yogic, wellness, visual arts and indigenous talents in her office. She has more than a decade of experience in advertisement design and production in the newspaper industry, and is excited to bring her enthusiasm and expertise to the Beaux Arts community.


Jasmine Rock


Jasmine Rock is a local abstract artist, graphic designer and illustrator, graduating with Honours from the York University/Sheridan Design program in 2016. Jasmine is constantly experimenting with acrylic paint, asking: "What can I make the paint do? What new technique or tool can I try?" Cultivating an exploratory process is just as important to her as the final creation. She likes to use bold, bright colour palettes alongside neutral ones. Currently, she is working on a series in all white using traditional tools such as palette knives and brushes, but also everyday household objects to create texture. She currently works as a receptionist in Mississauga, where she continues to hone her administrative and organizational skills.


Tara Cress


Tara Cress is a local artist, having lived and grown up in Brampton. Her artwork is inspired by wildlife; ranging from detailed pen and ink drawings to textured abstract paintings. While her artistic muses have been wildlife since a very young age, they continue to be her main subject of choice to this day. Her work encourages the viewer to consider their relationship to wildlife and how to capture the animal's essence in a contemporary way.

Beaux Arts has been a driving force for her development and showcasing her work, including having hosted her debut solo art show in 2019. From this, it's no surprise that she enjoys connecting with people and takes great pride in being a part of the local arts community.

tyler full_edited.jpg

Tyler Andrews

Director of the Board

Tyler is an enthusiastic graduate from York University with a Bachelor's degree in Classical Studies and is a current student at Humber College in their Post Graduate Program of Arts Administration and Cultural Management. While he continues his studies and involvement in this sector, he looks forward to maintaining the meaningful and inspiring connections with the arts community and those who he has come to know, admire, and love. He hopes to bring his unique perspective and growing knowledge to his role on the Board, and continues to learn from them and the members of Beaux Arts Brampton.

Amanda Bhika.jpg

Amanda Bhika

Director of the Board

Amanda is a local artist and owner of Ravinzangel. She is a graduate of Sheridan College for Art Fundamentals and Child and Youth Care as well as a graduate of  OCAD U for Illustration. Amanda has a love for creating artwork inspired by angel wings, mental health and positivity, and more recently has been inspired by the classic horror genre. In 2016, she founded Ravinzangel in memory of her brother, featuring wearable art clothing with angel and mental health themes. Ravinzangel won the Brampton Board of Trade Arts and Culture award this past May. 

Daniel Owens.jpg

Daniel Owens

Director of the Board

Daniel has been a proud resident of Brampton for the past 31 years, as he grew up on Elizabeth St with his parents and sister.

An active member of the downtown Brampton community via memberships with the YMCA, Brampton Youth Hockey Association, Brampton Minor Baseball Inc, and a former City of Brampton employee, Dan takes great pride in the Arts & Cultural focus of the downtown community and looks forward to supporting Beaux Arts through our many initiatives this coming year.

Carrie Headshotpng.png

Carrie Campbell

Director of the Board

Carrie Campbell is a visual artist who works mainly in mixed media.  Raised in Queens, New York, she was recruited at age 15 into a NYS Studio Art Program. Carrie holds an art diploma with Honours from Stratford Institute, a member of International Council for Open Distance and Education. Her subject matter focuses mainly on the growth of women and families after struggle, as well as her personal favourite topics of culture and love.  Carrie is thrilled to contribute her community engagement passion and skills within the Board of Directors here at Beaux Arts.

Dale Boyd.jpg

Dale Boyd

Director of the Board

Dale is a graduate of the Sign Painting Program at George Brown College in Toronto and after a short time working at Becker Signs, he bought the Sign Painting Business! It’s been said that sign painters are inventors by necessity, as they can introduce originality into their work. Dale offers that in his hand painted signs for his clients. In a long and varied career in Sign painting, some highlights include his paintings on Airplanes for Ward Air and “Think Pink” for the Pink Panther fleet of trailers. Dale is committed to supporting the platforms that Beaux Arts Brampton offers the visual art professionals in our community.